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October 17, 2021

Overview How to make Creation notice / request List Discussion The Wiki Portal is a page with functions such as main page, community portal, item search and various requests in a specific field. We mainly introduce new articles, feature articles, news, major articles, and images. If you have a portal that interests you, whether it's released or in preparation, please join us.

What is a Wiki Portal

Wiki Portal has a role like a so-called portal site in Wikipedia. We will provide the reader with a guide to the field. It makes it easier for the author to understand the status of items in the field, which can lead to improvement of the quality of the entire field. In addition, by separating the list of keywords in the representative items of each field as the main items of the portal, it becomes necessary to describe only the subject of the item, and the structure is neat and the readability is improved. To do. Here are some things you can do with the Wiki Portal. Both are intended for items in a specific field and their authors / viewers. Present keywords in the field in an easy-to-find manner like the encyclopedia on the main page --Example) Main items, main categories Make it easier to understand the trend of new posts-Example) New items You can also notice the so-called "less than stubs" early and organize them. You can also reduce omissions to related categories and lists Introduce items that are desired to be posted, added or organized so that the overall field can be improved --Example) Writing request, addition request, etc. It is very effective when there are many supportive participants. Community portal opinion solicitation and Wikipedia: features like announcements Introducing high-quality items such as excellent articles on the main page and new articles-Example) Special items Features like recent events-Example) Related News The Wikiportal was originally conceived in the German version of Wikipedia and is now used in many language versions, using its own namespace "Portal:". .. Similar to the Wiki Portal are WikiProjects and Categories. Although they have overlapping features, they are not exclusively competing and can be used to take advantage of their respective strengths and make up for their weaknesses. Comparison with WikiProject The WikiProject was launched with the goal of unifying the format of items and is author-oriented. On the other hand, the Wiki Portal is designed with the convenience of the viewer in mind, such as adding links to major items and introducing special items. On top of that, it also has functions for editors such as listing new items to make it easier to grasp trends in the field, and requesting additions and writings. Participants will often overlap, and projects and portals will be able to work together to drive maintenance. Comparison with category function If the categories are enriched, it can function as a sub main page. However, even if there is a newly added item in the category, it will not be reflected in the watch list, so you will not notice it unless you actually see it, but in the Wiki portal, by adding it to "New item", in that field You can get the attention of Wikipedians. You can also search for items more easily by adding links to major categories from the wiki portal.

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