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December 7, 2021

The Wikimedia Project is a website operated by the Wikimedia Foundation on the web. All projects use wikis to develop open content intellectual resources with the help of an unspecified number of volunteers, and the intellectual resources created by the activities are free and widely available to the general public. No ads are installed. The management and operation policies of individual contents are largely left to the autonomy of the user community. The Foundation does not direct the policies or actions taken by each community except in the event of a violation of the official policies set by the Foundation or the infringement of the legal rights of third parties. There is no such thing as an "editor" in an individual project. Decisions regarding the content of each project are made through discussions among participants. If you create an account on any of the Wikimedia projects, you will be able to log in to all Wikimedia projects and all their language versions with the same account and password (users who are already using that account). If there is, adjustment is required). In addition, on a website that was once hosted on a server owned by the Wikimedia Foundation, 911 Wiki (derived from Wikipedia English version) praying for the victims of the 2001 American simultaneous terrorist incident, Jimmy Wales before Wikipedia There is Nupedia, an open content encyclopedia run by. The operation of these two sites was also before the suspension. It was under the jurisdiction of the Wikimedia Foundation. But these have never been part of a legitimate Wikimedia project.

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Below is a list of currently running Wikimedia projects. All are non-profit activities. Special: You can see a list of all languages ​​and projects in the Wikimedia Wiki List and All Projects List.









Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Incubator




Wikimania An international conference of participants from each Wikimedia Foundation project. It has been held once a year since 2005 for the purpose of exchange and research.


en, de, it, sv, ru, nl, sv, fr, pt, pl, ro, he, uk, pnt, vi, zh, ja As of May 2021, 21 languages. The Japanese version (ja) started operation on August 27, 2020. In the Wikiincubator, which is a pilot version of the new project, it is described as "Wikivoyage".


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