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December 7, 2021

This page is an introduction to the categories in the Japanese version of Wikipedia. A category is an index of articles organized by field.

Major categories

Category: The main category is the base point of the category in Wikipedia, from which you can follow the tree order you want to see.

Hundred categories

Introducing 100 important categories, named after the "Baidu Baike" encyclopedia.


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Society- Politics- Economy - industry - Transportation- Education- history - Welfare- medical care - Health-- Environment- Citizen activity- peace - Military- University

Art and Culture

Art- Culture- language - Religion- play - hobby - traditional culture - Literature- music - Art- movie - Theatre- Anime - Comic - Illustration- Sports- Game- Gambling- fashion - Food culture - Architecture- Mass media - Entertainment- Ukiyo-e


Continent- Asia- Africa- Oceania- North America- South America - Europe


Japan - Hokkaido - Tohoku- Kanto - Chubu- Kinki - China- Shikoku- Kyushu - Okinawa


Nature - universe - element - Meteorology- Disaster- Ocean- Organisms- Plants- Animals- mineral


Academic-- Philosophy- Logic- Linguistics - psychology - Literature- theology - Political science- Business Administration - Jurisprudence- Economics - Sociology - Pedagogy- Math - Physics - Chemistry- biology - Anthropology - Earth science- Medicine- Pharmacy- Dentistry- Agriculture- engineering


Technology- Computer - Network- Electronics- Biotechnology

List of all categories

Special: In Categories, you can see a list of all existing categories in numerical and letter order.

Find category

Special: Category Tree--Allows you to view the contents of a category in a tree format. Wikipedia: PetScan-You can search for categories by specifying conditions.

Related items

Help: Category Functional help for categories Wikipedia: Category Policy: Categorizing Rules Category: General: Includes categories such as Wikipedia's policy and management.

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