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December 7, 2021

Enhanced article polling place

If you have any comments regarding this page, please contact this note page. Template of the main page: It is a voting rule for selecting the article to be introduced in the enhancement article. Articles featured in Enhanced Articles will be nominated for the Wikipedia: Monthly Enhanced Articles Award.

About voting

Users who are registered as users and meet the following conditions can vote. More than a month has passed since the first edit During that time, you can vote by "signing with date and time" with # ~~~~ that the standard namespace (article namespace) has been edited 50 times or more. You can vote for any number of items. However, you can only vote once per item. Voting can be canceled at any time (even if only one person recommends it). However, the following fraudulent votes may be invalidated. (For users who have voted fraudulently or multiple times, postings after that will be permitted only if they promise not to vote again.) Fraudulent voting due to forged signatures "Activities by the same user using multiple accounts" (not only multiple voting but also other activities) If you see a questionable vote, any user with voting rights You can suggest cancellation in your notes.


Recommendation requirements Articles that have undergone significant improvements within the last 6 months are recommended. Significant improvements include the following: However, if you add an item that was a temporary redirect or ambiguity avoidance page to make it an independent article, it will be recommended for new articles. Also, you can only enter once with the same difference. Estimated target for recommendation Articles that have been completely revised and have undergone major reorganization. Articles with significantly increased content and increased content. Articles with improved quality, such as ensuring verifiability. Articles with improved accuracy and readability due to translations of translated articles. Articles that have become stable due to the arrangement of excessive and miscellaneous content. etc. Note Up to 3 items can be recommended by one person at a time. If someone else votes for the item you have recommended, you can make a new recommendation (while the polling place has three candidates with only your vote, you cannot make the next recommendation). Articles that overlap with existing articles and are virtually completely revised (including the so-called "132nd person method") are also recommended here, not new articles. Any logged-in user who meets the voting conditions can be recommended. You can also recommend articles that you have added or modified. Wikipedia: You can also recommend items that meet the above conditions from the articles reported in the recently significantly revised article. Recommendations and votes for obvious vandalism / mischief articles (Template: content that can be deleted immediately) are prohibited. Recommendation procedure Add a section to the "enhanced article" candidates in the following format. The recommender should add the target difference data. When indicating the difference data, use "oldid", which is the number indicating the version of the article. See Help: Permanent link #Procedure for how to get the "oldid". Voting by # ~~~~ is also required when making a recommendation. The voter of the first vote is considered the recommender.

About update

The result of the vote

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