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October 25, 2021

This main page new polling place is a page for recommending and voting for new items and new images on the main page. Voting for the Monthly New Article Award (from the 2nd to the 10th) will be held from among those introduced in this month's new articles and new images. Voting is also done in seasonal images and enhanced articles. Please also see.

New Article Polling Place

If you find any inconvenience, feel free to comment on Template-Notes: New Articles. It is a rule of voting and daily update to select the article to be introduced in the new article on the main page.

About voting

Users who are registered as users and meet the following conditions can vote. More than a month has passed since the first edit In the meantime, the standard namespace (article namespace) has been edited 50 times or more. Please "sign with date and time" with # ~~~~ in the section of the article you want to vote for. This one line is one vote. You can vote for any number of items. However, you can only vote for one vote per item. Voting can be canceled at any time. This includes cases where you recommend and only you are voting. In this case, please cancel the recommendation (delete the relevant section) at the same time as canceling the vote. Since the voter of the first vote is regarded as the recommender, it is confusing to leave the recommendation (headline) and cancel only the vote. However, the following fraudulent votes may be invalidated. (For users who have voted fraudulently or multiple votes, subsequent postings are permitted only if they promise not to vote again.) Fraudulent voting due to forged signatures "Activities by the same user using multiple accounts" (includes not only multiple votes but also other activities. The score reflected in the Wikipedia: Monthly New Article Award is also deducted.) Questionable votes are seen. In that case, any user with voting rights can propose cancellation in the notebook.

About Recommendation

Articles within 3 days (72 hours) of posting the first edition will be recommended. However, there are the following incidental conditions. It is also recommended if you add an item that was temporarily redirected to make it an independent article. In that case, it shall be within 3 days from the date of independence, not from the date when the redirect page was created. "Temporary redirect" also includes cases where an article that was previously a sub-stub or similar content has been redirected by someone other than the author. The items on the disambiguation page have been added, and the disambiguation template such as {{Aimai}} has been removed, and independent articles are also recommended. The conditions for being eligible for recommendation are the same as for independence from redirects. If the user's draft is moved to the standard namespace and set up, it is also recommended, in which case it will be within 3 days from the date of movement. Articles that are split from existing articles will be excluded from recommendation. Within 3 days (72 hours) from the posting of the first edition and before the recommendation, the deletion request was made, or the template for immediate deletion was pasted, and the survival or specific edition deletion, version designation deletion (until confirmation) is confirmed If you do, you can make a recommendation within 3 days (72 hours) after confirming the action. Articles that overlap with existing articles will not be recommended. However, the duplicate article is a de facto complete revision of the existing article (commonly known as "."

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