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January 20, 2022

What day is today January is a page that collects the items for January of each year to be listed in the "What day is today" column on the main page. Today's day column is extracted from this page by the module and automatically reflected around 0:00 Japan time.

January 1st

the first day of the year Discovery of a new planet (at that time, later an asteroid, now a dwarf planet) Ceres (1801) Lincoln declares Emancipation Proclamation (1863) Implementation of the solar calendar in Japan (1873) Established Republic of China (1912) First issue of the entertainment magazine "King" (1925) Human Declaration of Emperor Showa (1946) GATT comes into effect (1948) Independence of Sudan (1956) West Samoa Independence (1962) TV animation "Astro Boy" started broadcasting (1963) ARPANET switched to IP and started the Internet (1983) Brunei Independence (1984) Montreal Protocol comes into effect (1989) WTO inaugurated (1995) Euro distribution started (2002)

January 2nd

Japanese imperial general public visit Granada falls and the Nasr dynasty is destroyed. Reconquista ends (1492) The English trading house in Hirado is closed (1624-November 12, Genna 9) Russo-Japanese War: Fall of Russian Army's Siege of Port Arthur (1905) World War II: Japanese Occupation of Manila (1942) Assassination of President Jose Antonio Rem Cantera of Panama (1955) Cuban Revolutionary Army overthrows Batista administration (1959) Soviet Union launches Moon Rocket Luna 1 (1959) Russian tanker Nakhodka hull ruptured in the Sea of ​​Japan (1997) Space probe Stardust comes closest to Comet 81P / Wild (2004)

January 3rd

Pope Leo X excommunicates Martin Luther (1521) Joseph Jenkins Roberts becomes the first President of Liberia (1847) Great Order of Restoration (1868-December 9, 3rd year of Keio) Lawrence of Arabia begins leadership of the Arab Revolt (1917) The 1st Red and White Song Battle (1951) West Indies Federation established (1958) Territory of Alaska becomes Alaska in the United States (1959) United States breaks diplomatic relations with Cuba (1961) Established Apple Computer (currently Apple) (1977) Second Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty signed (1993) Meltdown and Specter Vulnerability Announcements (2018)

January 4th

Start work World Braille Day Outbreak of the English Civil War (1642) The Meiji government will abolish the punishment (exposed neck) that has been implemented since the Heian period. (1879) Promulgation of the Imperial Rescript to Soldiers (1882) Franco-Russian Alliance (1894) British Indian government arrests Gandhi et al. (1932) Ordered the expulsion of persons deemed by GHQ to be militarists (1946) Independence of Burma (now Myanmar) (1948) Korean War: People's Republic of China and North Korea occupy Seoul (1951) New Guinea Island Offshore Earthquake (2009) Burj Khalifa completed (2010)

January 5th

Uogashi first auction Ford Motor Company Introduces Eight-Hour Work, $ 5 Daily Minimum Wage (1914) German Workers' Party formed (1919) Spartacist Uprising (1919) Engagement Announcement of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco (1956) Pope Paul VI and Constantinople Bishop Athenagoras I meet. Reconciliation for the first time in 1000 years since the East-West Church split (1964) Prague Spring begins (1968) Signing of Japan-China Trade Agreement (1974)

January 6

Epiphany World Day for War Orphans Emperor Shomu relocated the capital to Kunikyo (741-December 15, Tenpyo 12) The last Anglo-Saxon King of England Harold Godwinson coronation (1066) Harunobu Arima burns down the Portuguese ship Madre de Deus. It is one of the beginnings of the Okamoto Daihachi incident (1610)

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