December 6, 2021

What day is today November is a page that collects the items for November every year in the "What day is today" column on the main page. Today's day column is extracted from this page by the module and automatically reflected around 0:00 Japan time.

November 1st

Christianity: All Saints' Day in the Catholic Church Kitano Tea Ceremony held with Sen no Rikyu and others (1587-Legendary calendar: October 1, 15th year of Tensho) Great Lisbon Earthquake (1755) British Parliament passes stamp ordinance on 13 colonial states in North America (1765) Napoleonic Wars, War of the Fifth in Austria, 1805: Napoleonic Army invades Austria (1805) The Ottoman Empire was abolished by the Turkish Revolution (1922) The 1st National Sports Festival (commonly known as the National Athletic Meet) opens (1946) Operation Ivy: United States conducts world's first hydrogen bomb test (1952) The Algerian War begins (1954) Enforcement of the National Pension Law (1959) National Diet Library Tokyo Main Building opens (1961) 1963 Military Coup of the Republic of Vietnam: South Vietnam President Ngo Dinh Diem is assassinated by a military coup (1963) The world's largest radio telescope, Arecibo Observatory, opens in Puerto Rico (1963) First oil crisis: Toilet paper uproar (1973) Completion of AMeDAS (1974) Antigua and Barbuda Independence (1981) The Maastricht Treaty comes into effect. European Union (EU) officially launched (1993)

November 2nd

Day of the Dead (Christianity: Catholic Church) French Revolution: Governor's Government Established (1795) Yataro Iwasaki opens Tosa Kaiseisha. Origin of the Mitsubishi zaibatsu (1870-October 9, 1870) First issue of Yomiuri Shimbun (1874) Ishii-Lansing Agreement (1917) World War I: British Foreign Minister Arthur Balfour (Lloyd George's Cabinet) announces the Balfour Declaration (1917) The world's first private radio station "KDKA" opens (1920) First Vienna Award. Czechoslovakia decides to ceded southern Slovakia and Carpatho-Ukraine region to Hungary (1938) The Netherlands and Indonesian colony sign the Treaty of The Hague. Decided to unconditionally transfer sovereignty from the suzerain Netherlands to Indonesia by the end of 1949 (1949) Red Lion Pub bombing in Belfast, Northern Ireland (1971) Kim Dae Jung Incident: Political settlement between the two countries after a meeting between Japanese Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka and South Korean Prime Minister Kim Jong Hee (President Park Chung-hee) (1973) Robert T. Morris releases the Morris worm, the world's first Internet worm (1988)

November 3rd

Culture Day The Japanese national anthem "Kimi ga Dai" will be unveiled for the first time in the palace during the celebration of the Emperor's Birthday (Meiji Emperor's Birthday, the current Emperor's Birthday) (1880). Independence of the Republic of Panama (1903) German Revolution begins (1918) Poland declares independence from imperial Russia (1918) Promulgation of the Constitution of Japan (1946) Hideki Yukawa won the Nobel Prize in Physics. First Japanese award (1949) The Soviet Union launched the artificial satellite "Sputnik 2" carrying Leica. The first creature to orbit the earth (1957) Independence of Dominica (1978) Federated States of Micronesia Independence (1986)

November 4th

Viceroyalty of Peru broke out with Tupac Amaru II (1780) The British comprehensive academic journal "Nature" was launched (1869). Hara Takashi assassination case: Prime Minister Hara Takashi (Hara Cabinet) is assassinated by Konichi Nakaoka, who was a changer at Otsuka Station on the National Railways (1921). Howard Carter discovers the entrance to King Tutankhamun's tomb (1922.

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