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May 29, 2022

What day is today May is a page that collects May of each year of the items to be listed in the "What day is today" column on the main page. Today's day field is extracted from this page by the module and automatically reflected around 0:00 Japan time.

May 1st

may day Wu is destroyed and Western Jin unifies China (280-March 15, 1980) Kingdom of Great Britain established (1707) The world's first postage stamp issuance in the United Kingdom (1840) London World's Fair, the 1st World's Fair (1851) Founded Hakuaisha (currently Japanese Red Cross Society) (1877) Chicago Workers Strike for Eight-Hour Day (Origin of Mayday) (1886) Completion of Empire State Building (1931) Joseph Goebbels Suicide (1945) Japan Coast Guard established (1948) Discovery of Minamata disease (1956) U-2 shot down (1960) F1 driver Ayrton Senna died in an accident during the final race (1994) Tokuhito became the 126th emperor and changed to Reiwa (2019)

May 2nd

The end of the Jewish War (1973) Outbreak of the Tengu Party (1864-March 27, 1st year of Genji) Started postal savings business in Japan (1875) Inauguration of Congo Free State (1885) Signing of the Treaty of Wuchale (1889) Amendment of the Medical Practitioners Law in Japan. The doctor's license system becomes a license system (1906) World War II-Battle of Berlin: Red Army Occupies Berlin (1945) World War II: Axis forces on the Italian front surrender to the Allies (1945) Privy Council abolished in Japan (1947) Hundred Flowers Campaign begins in China (1956)

May 3

Constitution Memorial Day (Japan) World Press Freedom Day The Kingdom of Poland enacts the Constitution of May 3, the first modern written constitution in Europe (1791) Napoleon Bonaparte, Elba Exile (1814) Edo Castle opens bloodlessly to the Meiji government forces (1868-April 11, 1868) Jinan Incident (1928) International Military Tribunal for the Far East (1946) Enforcement of the Constitution of Japan (1947) European Free Trade Association (EFTA) established (1960) Sekihotai Incident (1987) Nishitetsu Bus Jack Incident (2000)

May 4th

Greenery day Mononobe no Moriya, who advocates the exclusion of Buddhism, burns Buddhist statues and temples (585-Emperor Bidatsu, March 30, 2014) War of the Roses: Battle of Tewkesbury (1471) The first edition of "Les Prophéties of Michel Nostradamus" is published (1555) The 1st Derby Stakes held at Epsom Racecourse in the UK (1780) King Ferdinand VII of Spain rejects the Constitution and declares a return to absolute monarchy (1814) The first match of the National Association of Professional Baseball Players (National Association of Professional Baseball) will be held in the United States (1871). Haymarket affair (1886) May Fourth Movement in Beijing (1919) Opening of the Paris Olympics (1924) Ichiro Hatoyama is banished from public office (1946) Cultural Revolution begins (1966) Haruyuki Takata, dispatched as a UNTAC civilian police officer, died in an armed guerrilla attack (1993) Star Wars Day

May 5th

Children's Day (Dragon Boat Festival) Cinco de Mayo Prince Mochihito's decree was announced (1180-April 9, 4th year of Jisho) In France, a tribunal to discuss taxation of clergy and aristocrats opens in the presence of Louis XVI (1789) Great fire of Hamburg (1842) Mexican troops repel French troops at the Battle of Puebla (1862) Stockholm Olympics open. First participation in Japan (1912) The General Election Law Amendment Law for members of the House of Representatives was promulgated in Japan, and the right to vote is granted to boys aged 25 and over (1925). End of the Second Ethiopian War (1936) World War II: Canadian and British troops under Nazi occupation