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July 6, 2022

What day is today June is a page that collects the items for June every year in the "What day is today" column on the main page. Today's day column is extracted from this page by the module and automatically reflected around 0:00 Japan time.

June 1st

Change clothes Meteorological anniversary Zhu Wen became the emperor and Later Liang was founded (907-Tenyu 4th year / April 18th, 1st year of Kaihei) Hugh Capet is nominated as King of France (987) British explorer James Clark Ross reaches the North Magnetic Pole (1831) French Revolutionary War: Glorious First of June (1794) Japan Tobacco and Salt Public Corporation established (1949) Inauguration of a new national university (1949) West Samoa Independence (1962) Adolf Eichmann sentenced to death (1962) Madaraka Day: British Kenya gains autonomy (1963) The Republic of Rhodesia was renamed Zimbabwe Rhodesia, and the first black government since its founding, headed by Abel Muzorewa, was inaugurated (1979). Nepalese royal murder (2001)

June 2nd

Sack of Rome by the Vandals (455) 1st Crusade: End of the 1st Antioch Siege. The second siege battle started 5 days later (1098) Battle of Kurikara Pass (1183 --May 11, Juei 2) First Derby Stakes Held at Epsom Racecourse (1780) French Revolution: A Jacobin crowd siege the National Convention to vote on the expulsion and arrest of 29 Girondin politicians and two ministers. Jacobin dictatorship and terrorism begins (1793) The first Katsura Cabinet was established (1901), the longest in the history of Japanese constitutionalism. Italy decides to abolish the royal system in a referendum (1946) Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (1953) Surveyor Program: The American lunar probe "Surveyor 1" lands on the moon. First ever soft landing on the moon (1966)

June 3rd

Dutch West India Company obtains a letter of patent for New Netherland (1621) Qing's Imperial Commissioner Lin Zexu publicly disposes of opium (zh: Humen Town). Triggered the Opium War (1839-Daoguang April 22, 19) Canadian Pacific Railway opens in full (1889) Edward VIII abandons the throne and marries a divorced Mrs. Simpson (1937) Colonial Singapore becomes a dominion and Lee Kuan Yew becomes prime minister (1959) Vienna Summit (1961) Due to the pyroclastic flow of Mt. Unzen, 43 people including the Katia and Maurice Kraft and other members of the press who entered the evacuation advisory area were killed or missing (1991). Eschede Railway Accident (1998) Montenegro becomes independent of Serbia and Montenegro (2006)

June 4th

First day of dental and oral health week (formerly Tooth Prevention Day) Walter Raleigh builds Roanoke Colony, the first English colony in the New World (1584) The end of the summer camp in Osaka. The destruction of Toyotomi (1615-May 8, 20th Keicho) France's Montgolfier brothers carry out the world's first unmanned hot air balloon flight (1783) Assassination of Antonio Jose de Sucre (1830) Treaty of Trianon (1920) Zhang Zuolin bombing case (1928) Battle of Midway (1942) World War II: Allied forces enter Rome (1944) Tonga becomes independent of England (1970) Jerry Rawlings launches a military coup in Ghana, overthrowing Fred Akuffo's junta (1979) Sixty-four Tiananmen Square Incident (1989)

June 5th

Environment day Denmark shifts to constitutional monarchy (1849) Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin" begins serialization in the abolitionist newspaper "National Era" (1851.