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August 12, 2022

Today is what day August is a page that collects items to be posted in the "What day is today" column on the main page for August every year. The day column of what is today is extracted from this page by the module and automatically reflected around 00:00 Japan time.

August 1st

2nd dispatch of envoys to the Sui Dynasty (607 - Emperor Suiko 15th July 3rd) The three states of Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden declare a permanent pact. Considered the date of the founding of Switzerland (1291) Joseph Priestley discovers oxygen (1774) French Revolutionary Wars: Battle of the Nile (1798) Sino-Japanese War begins (1894) World War I: The German Empire declares war on the Russian Empire (1914) Nanchang Uprising (1927) Berlin Olympics opening (1936) World War II: The United States completely bans oil exports to Japan (1941) World War II-German-Soviet War: Warsaw Uprising (1944) Benin Independence (1960) Texas Tower Massacre (1966)

August 2nd

Second Punic War: Battle of Cannae (216 BC) First French Republic: Napoleon Bonaparte becomes consul for life (1802) The Edo shogunate decided to use the Rising Sun Flag as the seal of the Japan Sosen (1854 - July 9, 1854). Mikio Oda became the first Japanese athlete to win a gold medal in the triple jump at the Amsterdam Olympics (1928). Carl David Anderson discovers the positron by observing cosmic ray trajectories with a cloud chamber (1932) Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor and Head of State (Führer) of Nazi Germany (1934) Einstein sent the letter that inspired the Manhattan Project (1939) World War II Air Raid on Japan Mainland: Air Raid on Toyama (1945) Gulf of Tonkin Incident (1964) First pedestrian zone in Tokyo (1970) Bologna Station Bombing (1980) Iraqi invasion of Kuwait (1990) Air France flight 358 accident (2005)

August 3rd

Nestorian, the founder of Christian Nestorianism, was exiled to Egypt by the Eastern Roman Empire as a heretic. Jinshin War: Prince Oama (later Emperor Tenmu) raises an army (672-Emperor Kobun 1st year/July 2, 1st year of Emperor Tenmu) Shohei Nankai Earthquake (1361) Christopher Columbus sets sail from Spain (1492) The Edo Shogunate obliges daimyo to perform Sankin Kotai (1635 - June 21, 12th year of Kan'ei) John Hanning Speke discovers Lake Victoria (1858) World War I: Germany declares war on France (1914) The Okada Cabinet announces the manifestation of the national polity (1935) Baltic Occupation: Soviet Union annexes Lithuania (1940) ``Resolution on Pardoning War Crimes Prisoners'' adopted at the 16th plenary session of the House of Representatives (1953) U.S. military aircraft mother and child murder incident (1957) The U.S. Navy's nuclear-powered submarine Nautilus becomes the world's first submarine to cross the North Pole (1958). Niger Independence (1960) Pollution Control Basic Law promulgated and enforced (1967) Beijing Airport Incident (1967) 2005 Mauritanian coup d'état by the military in Mauritania's absence of President Maouiya Ould Sidi Ahmed Taya (2005)

August 4th

Bridge Day/Chopstick Day Liu Xiu (Emperor Guangwu) establishes the Later Han dynasty (25 - June 22, 1st year of Jianwu) Battle of Alcácer Quibir (1578). End of Odawara War (1590-July 5, Tensho 18) Fifth Isolation Order issued (1639-July 5, 16) War of the Spanish Succession: Anglo-Dutch Allied Forces in Gibraltar