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December 7, 2021

Please read the following before asking a question. Look for the question already in the help, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), or past usage logs (viewing, editing, policies / guidelines, etc.). Search policies / guidelines and help / FAQ Search past logs of usage information I don't know if the question you posted will be answered or not. It may take some time for you to comment, so please be patient. Do not post the same question more than once. Also, please check in advance if you have any similar questions before asking a question. If you would like to ask an additional question to a question that has already been asked, click [Edit] near the question. If you are satisfied or satisfied with the answer to your question, please write so if possible. Questions and answers will be removed after a while, but you can view them in the past logs. If you don't know how to edit this page, or if you can't ask a question on Wikipedia for some reason, you can post your question in the following ways. IRC (chat): Try joining the # wikipedia-ja connection. To use it, you need to use Kiwi IRC or install the client for IRC. Mailing list (email): Please subscribe to WikiJA-l and post. Please refrain from posting topics that are not related to the Japanese Wikipedia version or the Wikimedia project. If you read all the above notes and do not find the answer after searching ...

About the number of watchlists displayed

If you decide the number of articles to be displayed on the watch list and exceed it, I want you to display the next page. If the number of registrations is large, it cannot be read and will time out. ――The above unsigned comment was posted by Riaka (conversation / posting record) at 2021-10-01T14: 15: 40. User: Riaka-sama. Is it the edit screen of the watch list? Isn't it possible to handle it by editing the text? (Watchlist punctures with less than 100 edits ...)--Triglav (conversation) October 1, 2021 (Friday) 16:24 (UTC) At the top of the screen, in Personal Settings> Watchlist, you can set the number of days the watchlist will be displayed and the maximum number of items that can be displayed. --Asgawaji (Conversation) Saturday, October 2, 2021 01:13 (UTC)

About the case where a lot of irrelevant images are displayed

As you can see from Twitter, a lot of images on Shinjiro Koizumi's page and Kim Jong Un's page were displayed on unrelated pages, but what happened ... Even if you look at the history It is a mystery because there was no evidence that such an edit was made. Does anyone know? —-Kinkai Ma Reisuke (Conversation) October 10, 2021 (Sun) 06:36 (UTC) The cause is that the templates used such as Template: Cite journal ja-jp and Template: Notebook2 have been damaged. --Yuukin0248 (Conversation / Posting record) October 10, 2021 (Sun) 07:10 (UTC) Thank you for your reply. Reisuke Kinkai (Conversation) October 10, 2021 (Sun) 07:20 (UTC) Park "John" or "Chung"? Which should be (?) On Wikipedia? Does anyone understand the rules of Korean (Korean)? In WIKIPEDIA, Park Chung-hee is Park Chung-hee. I couldn't find any description of the notational fluctuation such as (Park Jung-hee). However, an actor named Park Jung Min (actor).

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