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December 7, 2021

Request for "seasonal topics"

If when recommending or registering an image, the subject of the image at that time is not in "Seasonal topics", please consider adding Template: Seasonal topics and subjects. See Template-Notes: Seasonal Topics for additional instructions.

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If the subject of the image is not in "Seasonal Topics", consider adding the subject to Template: Seasonal Topics and Template-Notes: Seasonal Topics. Seasonal topics File: AAAA.jpg | [[: File: AAAA.jpg]] File: BBBB.jpg | [[: File: BBBB.jpg]] ; [[: File: AAAA.jpg]] : Explanation / Special notes: (Excellent, good quality, valuable, etc.) : # (Recommended): ~~~~ : # (Agree): ~~~~ : # (Agree): ~~~~ ; [[: File: BBBB.jpg]] : Explanation / Special notes: (Excellent, good quality, valuable, etc.) : # (Recommended): ~~~~ : # (Agree): ~~~~

January candidate image

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June candidate image

File: Toki no kinenbi Poster.jpeg Description: This is a replacement image for the anniversary of June 10th. The old image seems to be a statue made in 1964, and it is safer to judge that outdoor art is alive. This image is an illustration of a Taiwanese textbook under Japanese occupation before World War II. --Taisyo (Conversation) Friday, September 24, 2021 13:39 (UTC) I replaced it. --Taisyo (Conversation) October 1, 2021 (Friday) 14:02 (UTC)

Candidate image for July

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Candidate image for October

November candidate image

File: Ohara_festival_in_Kagoshima.jpg Description: Replacement images for the Ohara Festival on November 2nd and 3rd. Since the state of the festival is easier to understand than the old image, we propose to replace it with this one. --Sakoppi (Conversation / Posting Record) Wednesday, November 3, 2021 04:26 (UTC) I replaced it. --Sakoppi (Conversation / Posting Record) Thursday, November 11, 2021 21:37 (UTC)

December candidate image

Candidate image spanning multiple months

Candidate images with variable dates such as moveable feasts

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The images adopted in the conventional continuous posting method are as shown in the link below. You can also re-recommend the images here. Note: The link for 2009 is a past version. Please be careful not to modify or edit. 2009 posted image January --February --March --April --May --June --July --August --September --October --November --December 2010 posted image January --February --March --April --May --June --July --August --September --October --November --December 2011 image January --February --March --April --May --June --July --August --September --October --November --December 2012 image January --February --March --April --May --June --July --August --September --October --November --December 2013 posted image January --February --March --April --May --June --July --August --September --October --November --December 2014 posted image January --February --March --April --May --June --July --August --September --October --November --December 2015 posted image January --February --March --April --May --June --July --August --September --October --November --December 2016 posted image January --February --March --April --May --June --July --August --September --October --November --December 2017 image January-February-Change method after March

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