Wikipedia: Policies and guidelines


December 7, 2021

Wikipedia has the following objectives: To this end, Wikipedia has policies and guidelines. Some policies and guidelines are still evolving, while others are no longer well-established and indisputable. You don't have to read all the policies when working on Wikipedia. However, please understand the "Five Pillars" that are the basis of all Wikipedia policies and guidelines as soon as possible.


Policy documents are classified as follows according to the degree to which they should be observed. Policy It is a standard that is endorsed by many users and is considered to be followed by all users. Policies are often closely tied to the five pillars of Wikipedia's basic principles. All policies are in Category: Wikipedia policy. Guideline It is a collection of the best methods (best practices) that are supported by many users. Editors are encouraged to follow the guidelines, but you may make common sense decisions and apply exceptions for your individual circumstances. If a guideline conflicts with a policy, the policy usually takes precedence. All guidelines can be found in Category: Wikipedia guidelines. Private theory (essay) Some editors have written their opinions and advice. My opinion does not have a broad consensus. Some have not been proposed to the community and have been created independently without approval. Please be careful when deciding whether to follow the content. Any private opinion that the author does not want other users to edit or that is different from the broader consensus is created in the user namespace. All my theory is in Category: Wikipedia's personal theory. In addition to the above, the Wikipedia namespace includes community process pages (to help apply policies and guidelines), historical documents, wikiprojects, user guidance and help, community discussion pages and announcement pages. ..

Implementation method

You are the editor of Wikipedia. Wikipedia does not have an editor-in-chief. There is also no central top-down mechanism to monitor and approve the daily progress of the encyclopedia. Instead, it edits and corrects content and format issues found by active participants. In other words, the participant is both the author and the editor. Most policies and guidelines are implemented when individual users edit and discuss in this way. In some cases, the administrator may temporarily block postings by users who do not follow the policy (especially dealing with vandalism).


The content of the policy and guidelines should be as follows. The text is clear. Avoid esoteric and legal-like terms. Also, avoid downgraded and gentle phrases that might be taught to your child. Write plainly, directly, avoid ambiguity, and be specific. Avoid clichés and general theory. Don't be afraid to write directly to force or encourage editors to do something. Write as concisely as possible. But I won't make it any more concise. Increase the number of words.

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