Wikipedia:Monthly Enhanced Article Award


August 8, 2022

The Monthly Enhanced Article Award is a project to honor particularly excellent articles in the monthly enhanced article. Articles selected as enhanced articles in the previous month will be voted on, and the article that receives the most votes will be awarded the monthly enhanced article award for that month. The bot will do the entry and tabulation work. Participation in voting does not assume that you have read all of the nominations. Vote for the articles you like, and try to participate at a pace such as reading other articles at the next opportunity.


Here, we will explain how to participate in the monthly enhancement article award and how to maintain it. All operations such as entry for the monthly enhanced article award, start of voting, end of voting, etc. are all performed by bots and are basically not performed manually.


Entries are all articles selected for the previous month's enhanced articles. If you would like to apply for the Monthly Enhanced Article Award, please first make a recommendation to the Main Page Enhanced Article Voting Station. Articles selected as enhanced articles will be automatically entered in the next month's voting subpage by the bot.


Voting target By the end of the current month (January 31st for January's monthly enhancement article award), please evaluate how much the article's completeness has improved. However, for articles that have been entered for the Enhanced Article Award in the past, in principle, only the corrections made after that point until the end of the month will be evaluated. It evaluates the degree of improvement in terms of quality, and does not consider changes in article size (number of bytes) itself. Eligibility to vote A user who has an account and meets the following conditions. One vote for one item, you can vote for any number of items. At least 1 month has passed since the time of the first edit to the start of voting (1 month refers to the same day and time of the previous month when the voting started) During that time, the standard namespace (article namespace) must be edited more than 50 times However, the following fraudulent votes may be considered invalid votes. Voting fraud by signature forgery Multiple voting voting form by the same user using multiple accounts Please put three signature tildes ~~~ after the article name. Separate from the previous voter with a comma ",". You may withdraw your vote during the voting period. You can also vote on articles you have contributed or edited. voting period The voting period is from 0:00 (JST) on the 2nd of the following month to 23:59 (JST) on the 10th of the following month (January's monthly enhancement article award is from 0:00 (JST) on February 2nd to 23:00 on the 10th: 59 (JST)).

If you do it manually for some reason

If you want to do it manually for some reason, such as a bot malfunction, please follow the steps below. entry start On the 11th of every month, Wikipedia: Monthly Enhanced Article Award/Voting will be posted in the following format, starting from the 1st day of the month, in order from the article selected at the Wikipedia: Main Page Enhanced Article Voting Place. At the same time, the entry period and voting period will be specified, and the message "Entries are being accepted" will be displayed.

Enhanced Articles

;entry period :
11th XX, 20XX 0:00 (JST) - 11th XX, 20XX 23:59 (JST)
;voting period :
2nd XX, 20XX 0:00 (JST) - 10th XX, 20XX 23:59 (JST)