Wikipedia: Excellent image recommendations


December 7, 2021

Recommendation procedure

Step 1-Confirmation of recommendation guidelines

Please read the page of excellent image guidelines and check if the recommended image meets the recommendation requirements (recommendation criteria).

Step 2-Create Subpage

Create a subpage of the recommended image. Please add (copy and paste) the page name of the recommended image including file: after the input field "Recommend excellent image /" in the box below (example: recommended target is file: Test Sample). If it's .jpg, it's a subpage called Wikipedia: Excellent Image Recommendations / File: Test Sample.jpg). For images that have already been recommended in the past, use the sub-page name with the file name followed by a hyphen and the number of recommendations (second recommendation example: Wikipedia: Excellent image recommendation / File: Test Sample). .jpg-2). After entering the subpage name in the box above, click the "Create subpage of recommended image" button. The edit page of the sub-page of the new recommendation image will be displayed. Enter the necessary information specified on that page to create the page.

Step 3 --Register candidate image list

Add the sub-page name of the created recommended image to the top of the candidate image list (direct link to the edit screen).

Step 4 --Notice to the author

If you have recommended another user's work (in the case of another recommendation), please notify the user that you have recommended it. If the author has a user page on Japanese Wikipedia, you can also use the {{Excellent Image Recommendation Notice}} template. When using this template, please fill in the {{excellent image recommendation notice | file: Example.jpg}} including the image name like this.

Step 5 --Notification to the community

Although it is optional, it can be added to the selection list of {{List of articles / images being selected}} in order to widely announce the selection. By including it in this template, it will also be posted on the community portal so that more people will know about the selection. Please link to the selection page using the link with the pipe with the file name as the label for the format when posting on {{List of articles / images being selected}}. For example, if Wikipedia: Excellent image recommendation / file: Soichi 20Noguchi em 20alta.jpg, then [[Wikipedia: Excellent image recommendation / file: Soichi 20Noguchi em 20alta.jpg | Soichi 20Noguchi em 20alta.jpg]] (Soichi 20Noguchi em 20alta.jpg is displayed).

Voting method

Voting Qualifications Anyone with an account on Wikipedia Japanese version can vote. When voting, be sure to log in and vote. Voting by unregistered (IP) users is not possible. Click [Edit] to the right of the recommended image name to display the edit screen for the recommended image subpage. Please add your vote at the bottom. You can vote using the template below. {{Support}} (Support) {{Opposite}} (opposite) {{Neutral}} (Neutral), Reasons are not required when voting for support or neutrality. If you vote against it, be sure to write the reason after the template. Negative votes without a reason will be invalid. You can also use the template below to provide opinions, questions, and information.

INSERT INTO `wiki_article`(`id`, `article_id`, `title`, `article`, `img_url`) VALUES ('NULL()','Wikipedia:秀逸な画像の推薦','Wikipedia: Excellent image recommendations','','')