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October 25, 2021

An excellent article is an article that has passed the selection of excellent articles. Articles that pass the selection will be added to this list and rotated on the main page to recognize the efforts of the authors and to provide other authors with reference examples of their writing. The articles on this list are among the highest quality articles in the Japanese Wikipedia version. If you know of other articles that you write well, or if you think you've written a great article yourself, recommend it as an excellent article. Excellent articles are not selected based on the superiority or inferiority or good and evil of the "article target itself". The point of selection is whether there are any problems with the "quality", "quantity", and "format" of the encyclopedia articles. See Wikipedia: Selection of Outstanding Articles for more information. Currently, there are 1,296,870 articles in the Japanese version of Wikipedia, of which 91 (0.007%) are selected as excellent articles. Article classification is based on the second division of the 10th edition of the Nippon Decimal Classification (NDC). If there are 5 or more items below the secondary category, the tertiary category is used.

A guideline for excellent articles

Articles that are recognized as satisfying the following conditions by the selection of excellent articles are excellent articles.

List of excellent articles


(3 in total) 140 Psychology (1): Nostradamus 190 Christianity, Judaism (2): Sibylline Oracles-Third Epistle of John


(16 in total) 210 Japanese History (3): Kumano Sanzan Hong Kong Office --Kobe Foreign Settlement --Matsue Riot Incident 220 Asian History, Oriental History (1): Prestigious Clan (China) 230 European History, Western History (2): Frank Kingdom-Constitutional Democratic Party (Russia) 270 History of Oceania, History of Bipolar Regions (1): History of Hawaii 280 Biography (5) 283 Europe: Anne Frank-William Gladstone-Fritz Haber-Benjamin Disraeli 284 Africa: Muhammad Ali 290 Geography, Chorography, Journey (4): Kobeji-Tone River-Bali-Washington, D.C.

Social Science

(6 in total) 320 Law (5): Juvenile Protection Procedures --Shingen Duke Flag Kakematsu Case --Copyright Law (United States) --Jury System --Midori-so Case 360 Society (1): Showa 28 West Japan Flood

Natural Sciences

(19 in total) 410 Mathematics (1): 0.999 ... 430 Chemistry (1): Beryllium 440 Astronomy, Space Science (2): Transit of Venus-Comet 450 Earth Science, Geography (4): Freezing Rain --Yellow Sand --Fukuoka Prefecture West Offshore Earthquake --South Iojima Native Natural Environment Conservation Area 460 Biological Sciences, General Biology (4): Antioxidants-Enzymes-Cholesterol-Helicobacter pylori 480 Zoology (1): Deep-sea fish 490 Medicine (6) 491 Basic Medicine: Red Blood Cells 493 Internal Medicine: Schistosoma japonicum (Schistosoma japonicum) --Malay filamentous worm disease of Hachijo Kojima --Leukemia 494 Surgery: Leprosy 497 Dentistry: Enamel


(17 in total) 510 Construction Engineering, Civil Engineering (4): Amarube Viaduct --Kanmon Tunnel (Sanyo Main Line) --Sakuma Dam --Nakayama Tunnel (Joetsu Shinkansen) 520 Architecture (2): Byzantine Architecture-Himeji Castle 530 Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering (6) 531 Mechanical mechanics / materials / design: spring 536 Transportation engineering, rolling stock, transportation machine: Odakyu 3000 series train (first generation) --Keio 6000 series train --Meitetsu 3400 series train 538 Aviation Engineering, Space Engineering: Airbus A300-Airbus A340 550 Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture, Weapons, Military Engineering (1): Yokosuka Navy Facility Dock 560 Metallurgy, Mining Engineering (2): Stainless Steel-History of Stainless Steel 590 Home Economics, Life Sciences (2): Scotch Whiskey-Honey Production

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