Wikipedia: Selection of excellent articles


December 7, 2021

The selection of excellent articles is a place to select whether the articles are suitable for publication in excellent articles. It aims to increase the value of Wikipedia as an encyclopedia. We welcome the recommendation of excellent articles and their peer review and critique. Whether or not it is possible is decided by voting. Please read through the rules before voting or recommending. Please comment on the quality of the article itself. Feel free to comment on the rules in the notes on this page.

Selection rules

A guideline for excellent articles

Below is a guide to excellent articles. Please use it as a reference when recommending "excellent articles" or commenting on recommended articles. You can also find Wikipedia: How to write great articles and Wikipedia: Perfect articles.

How to recommend

If you have written or found a great article, please read the full text again in the light of the "Guidelines for Excellent Articles". On top of that, if you think it is excellent enough, please recommend it on this page. It is better to receive the opinions and evaluations of other people in the peer review request, reflect them in the content, and then recommend it. If you are not at the "excellent level" yet, but want everyone to see it, you should submit it to the selection of good articles. Users who have registered as a user and meet the following conditions can be recommended. More than a month has passed since the first editing. During that time, the standard namespace (article namespace) has been edited 50 times or more. Self-recommendation and other recommendations are not required. If you recommend it, please state so. Up to 3 articles can be recommended by one user at the same time. This means that there should not be more than one article recommended by the same person on the "Selecting Excellent Articles" page. If there are 4 or more articles you would like to recommend, first recommend 3 articles, and when one of the selections is completed, make the 4th and subsequent recommendations in sequence. To post, first enter the article name in the box above (the date at the end is the recommended date, please leave it as it is) and click the "Create Selection Page" button. Then, the page creation screen will be loaded with the template of the selection page, so please edit the template and post it. Please write objectively and concisely why you recommend the article as the reason for recommendation. The template of the selection page is as follows. After creating the subpage, please do the following three points to make this selection known to more people. Add {{Wikipedia: Selection of excellent articles / Article name to be selected_yyyymmdd}} to the top of the "Articles being selected" list below to load the selection subpage. Template: Added to the list of articles being selected in the list of articles / images being selected. Paste {{excellent candidate}} on the note page of the article to be selected.

How to vote

Those who have the right to vote are registered users who meet the article recommendation qualifications for the selection at the start of the selection. However, recommenders cannot vote for the selection of articles they recommend. Inappropriate multiple accounts cannot be voted. If you have the right to vote, even those involved in editing can vote. Voting by non-voting users is treated as a comment. Inappropriate multiple account block evasion will be invalidated and removed for both voting and comments. However, the selection is over.

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