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December 7, 2021

A good article is an article that meets one of the criteria for a good article and does not meet any of the exclusion criteria for a good article. We have compiled articles that are likely to be excellent articles in a little while while maintaining high quality. Currently, there are 1,303,938 articles in the Japanese version of Wikipedia, of which 1703 (0.13%) are selected as good articles.

Standards for good articles

Articles that meet any of the following conditions are good quality articles. However, even if these conditions are met, an article that meets the exclusion criteria for good articles listed in the next section will not be a good article. The criteria for good articles are based on peer-reviewed and approved articles by multiple participants. We do not make detailed provisions here regarding the specific criteria for approval. Criteria are set for each WikiProject and selected, and articles that meet the criteria can be collected as good quality articles, and articles that do not have a target WikiProject are recommended for selection of good quality articles and are selected. You can get it.

Good article exclusion criteria

Articles that meet any of the following conditions are excluded from good articles. When selecting a new, high-quality article, in addition to checking the quality of the article itself, make sure that the following conditions are not met.

Good article maintenance

Please attach {{Record of selection examination}} to the note page of a good article. It would be nice to add information that can be easily confirmed by other users, such as the differences and subpages that were the basis for pasting. Please paste {{Good article}} directly above the category and default sort of good articles. Wikipedia: Add target articles to good articles / lists.

Good articles

The classification of articles is based on the secondary classification of the 10th edition of the Nippon Decimal Classification (NDC), and the parts exceeding 20 items are partially subdivided. In each division, they are arranged in the order of the Japanese syllabary.


(36 in total) 000 Summary (1): UD Digital Textbook Style 010 Library, Library and Information Science (31): 014 Collection, organization and preservation of information resources (3): Carlyl-Ex-libris stamp-Catalog 015 Library services, library activities (1): Newark method 016 Various libraries (27): 016.2 Public Library: 016.21 Japan: 016.21 Japan: CIE Library 016.211 Hokkaido Region: Obihiro City Library 016.212 Tohoku region: Rikuzentakata City Library 016.213 Kanto Region: Mito City Library 016.214 Hokuriku Region: Toyama Prefectural Library-Toyama City Library 016.215 Chubu Region: Higashiyama / Tokai Region: Anjo City Library Information Center --Iida City Library --Ichinomiya City Library --Inazawa City Library --Ina City Library --Okazaki City Central Library --Kuwana City Central Library --Shizuoka City Central Library --Shizuoka City Miyuki Town Library --Takayama City Library --Tahara City Library --Tsu City Library --Tsushima City Library --Toyota City Central Library --Hamamatsu City Central Library --Hida City Library --Matsusaka City Library --Minna no Mori Gifu Media Cosmos 016.216 Kinki Region: Omihachiman City Library 016.217 Chugoku Region: Amacho Central Library 016.219 Kyushu Region: Ibusuki City Library 020 Books, Bibliography (3): Shitong-Emperor Taisho's memoirs-Lalande calendar 070 Journalism, Newspaper (1): 300 million yen separate arrest case


(80 in total) 120 Eastern Thought (1): Laozi 140 Psychology (3): Prophecies of Rev. Michel Nostradamus --Mirabilis Liber --Calendar (Nostradamus) 150 Ethics, Morality (2): The Monument of the Fool-The Pillar of the Oath 160 sect

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