Wikipedia: Good Articles / Good Article Selection


December 7, 2021

If you find or create a good article that fits a good article, please recommend it on this page. Alternatively, read the recommended articles and give feedback on what you feel in the form of a vote. Many opinions and impressions about the article are encouraging to the author. * Before recommending or voting, please check the selection rules. If you have any questions or comments about the rules, please visit the note page.


Only logged-in users who meet the following voting / recommendation qualifications can make recommendations / votes. Please comment on the article itself.

Estimated quality articles

Below is a guide to good articles. Please use it as a reference when making recommendations or commenting on recommended articles.

How to recommend

Recommendation requirements

Users who have registered as a user and meet the following conditions can be recommended. More than a month has passed since the first editing. During that time, the standard namespace (article namespace) must be edited 50 times or more. If you recommend it, please state so. Also, one person can recommend up to three articles at a time. However, if one of the selections you have recommended is in the following status, you can add one new recommendation. There are two or more positive votes (including recommender votes. Conditional positive / negative votes are treated as comments). And there is no negative vote, If more than 48 hours have passed (no matter how many comments are attached, they will not be included in the conditions). Once the conditions are met, subsequent changes will not be considered. For example, if one selection meets the criteria at one point but gets a negative vote before the next recommendation, the right to add a new recommendation is not lost.

Normal recommendation procedure

Enter the article name in the box above (the date at the end is the recommended date, please leave it as it is) and click the "Create Selection Page" button. Then, the page creation screen will be loaded with the template of the selection page, so please edit the template and post it. The vote for the nominee is optional, and you may refrain from voting. The template of the selection page is as follows. Add the selection page you created earlier to the bottom of the "Articles being selected" section in the format {{Wikipedia: Good article / Good article selection / ○○○ _20211207}}. We will affix {{good article candidates}} to the note page of the article to be selected to announce that it is being selected. Format: {{Good article candidates | Selection subpage ○○○ _20211207 | Yomigana △△△}} For more widespread announcement, you can also add to the list of selected articles / images in Template: Selected articles.

Automatic recommendation of articles that have won the Monthly New Article Award and Monthly Enhanced Article Award

Articles that have won the Monthly New Article Award and the Monthly Enhanced Article Award are automatically recommended. Any logged-in user who meets the above recommendation qualifications can take the recommendation procedure, and the limit on the number of recommended articles "up to 3 at the same time" is not applicable to articles automatically recommended. The method of recommendation is the same as the normal recommendation above. For the reason for recommendation, * (Automatic recommendation) Monthly new article award winning article in xx / 20xx. --~~~~ or * (Automatic recommendation) Monthly enhancement article award winning article in xx / 20xx. --~~~~ etc.

INSERT INTO `wiki_article`(`id`, `article_id`, `title`, `article`, `img_url`) VALUES ('NULL()','Wikipedia:良質な記事/良質な記事の選考','Wikipedia: Good Articles / Good Article Selection','','')