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December 7, 2021

Wikipedia: A digest version of a good article. This digest version will be posted on the main page, not the beginning of the article. For how to create a digest version, see / Procedure for creating a digest version. Articles for which the digest version has not been created are listed in the / Digest version uncreated article list. You can check the list of sub-pages from Special: Prefix page list / Wikipedia: Good quality pickup /.

Good article today

Please replace them according to Template: Good quality schedule.

Maintenance of good article pickups

For articles newly selected as good articles, please refer to the / Digest version creation procedure for how to create a good article pickup. If you want to modify the text in the Good Article Pickup, edit the Good Article Pickup subpage. In most cases, a good article pickup is stored on a subpage like Wikipedia: Good quality pickup / article name, but it is not always placed on this subpage, such as when the article name is renamed after creating a good article pickup. It may not have been written. In that case, you need to find the article in the good article pickup page list below, look at the source of the list, and look up the subpage name. Even if the target article name of a good article is changed, there is no need to change the subpage name of the good article pickup. Edit the good article pickup subpage and modify only the link to that article. If a good article is removed from a good article because it was decided to be removed by re-selection or was selected as an excellent article / excellent list, the sub-page of the good article pickup of the article is removed from the list below. Template: Remove from good schedule as well. Regarding the adjustment of the displayed article at the time of removal, it is the same as the case of adding. There is no particular need to remove the removed good article pickup subpages. Wikipedia-Notes: Good quality pickups # Good articles are no longer good, but they are saved in the list of articles that have good quality pickups left as they are.

List of good article pickup pages

Due to the large number of good articles, the page for pick-up reading is divided into multiple pages. Not all are introduced on this page. For introductory texts of other high-quality articles, please select your favorite page from the following. If you are interested in the article after reading the knob reading, please read the article as well. If the number of introductory texts on this page increases, please create and post a page called "Wikipedia: Good quality pickup / split page (numbers)". As a guide, the number of introductory texts to be posted should be 300. Also, please add a link to the newly created page on this page. Wikipedia: Good quality pickup / split page 1 Wikipedia: Good quality pickup / split page 2 Wikipedia: Good quality pickup / split page 3 Wikipedia: Good quality pickup / split page 4 Wikipedia: Good quality pickup / split page 5 Wikipedia: Good quality pickup / split page 6

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