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Genroku (元禄 (元祿), げんろku) is one of the Japanese era names. Before and After: After Jokyo (貞享) - Before Hoei (宝永). Period: 1688 ~ 1704 Emperor: Emperor Higashiyama Shogun: Tokugawa Tsunayoshi of the Edo Shogunate

Opening (改元)

It was opened on September 30, 1688 (October 23, 1688), as the reign of Emperor Higashiyama began. On March 13, 17th, Genroku (April 16, 1704), it was opened as Hoei.


「建立元勲、以歴顕禄、福之上也」 in 『Moon Seon』.

What happened during the Genroku period

first year January: Ihara Saikaku publishes 『Nippon Eitaigura』. November: Yoshiyasu Yanagisawa takes office as Sobayonin. Osaka Dojima is developed. 2 years April: Tojinyashiki is established in Nagasaki. November: Shibukawa Harumi builds the observatory. 3 years August: Engelbert Camper, a German doctor, is due tomorrow for a Dutch superior. October: A ban on child abandonment (abandonment of parenting) is promulgated. 5 years It is forbidden to build temples in Edo. 6 years December: Arai Hakuseki becomes Chiko of Ienobu Tokugawa, lord of the Kofu Domain. 8 years February: A genchi (agricultural land area and yield survey) for Tenryo (directly controlled by the Edo Shogunate) in the Kanto region is carried out. August: The brewing of Genroku Kahei begins. November: Edo wild dogs are housed in a kennel built in Nakano. 9 years Traveling to Takeshima (present-day Dokdo) is prohibited. (Takeshima Incident) 13 years August: The Nikko Floating Bridge is installed. November: Set the exchange rate for money and silver coins. 14 years February: At Matsuno Oroka in Edo Castle, the lord of Ako, Nagano Asano, attacks Koke Kimoiri and Kira Yoshihisa. 15 years December: The Kenrokuako incident occurred. (You gave it to me) 16 years March: Yoshio Oishi and others are in secession. May: Monzaemon Chikamatsu's "Sonezaki Shinju" premiered. November 23: Genroku earthquake.

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