Grand Slam (tennis)


October 23, 2021

Grand Slam is a term used to refer to the four major tennis tournaments. These are the most prestigious competitions, boasting the best in ranking points, tradition, prize money, and popularity. The following is a list of these competitions in the order they are held throughout the year. Australian Open French Open Wimbledon A player or team that has won all four of the singles or doubles events of the US Open is said to have achieved a 'grand slam'. In particular, winning all four competitions in one year is called a calendar year grand slam, and winning four competitions in sequence over two years is called a non-calendar year grand slam. do. Winning all four events over a period of two or more years, but not consecutively, is called a Career Grand Slam, and winning three out of four is called a Small Slam. In addition to winning these four competitions in one year, winning a gold medal in tennis at the Summer Olympics is called a Golden Slam.


The term 'Grand Slam' was first used in tennis by New York Times columnist John Kieran, citing Bud Collins' book Total Tennis, The Ultimate Tennis Encyclopedia. it was from In a chapter on 1933, Collins noted that interest in Australian tennis player Jack Crawford's growing interest in whether he could win the US Open soon after winning the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon was also raised. "If Crawford wins the US Open, it's like getting a Grand Slam score on the court," Kieran, a former contract bridge player, a card game player, said. expressed Asthmatic Crawford won the first two sets against Fred Perry in that year's US Open final, but was exhausted from the heat and lost three sets. The expression 'grand slam' initially meant winning all four major tournaments in one year in tennis, but has since been used widely to refer to winning all major tournaments in sports such as golf.

Win 4 Majors in One Year

Men's Singles

Making Money (1938) Road Laver (1962 • 1969)

Women's Singles

Maureen Connolly Brinker (1953) Margaret Court (1970) Steffi Graf (1988) Note: In 1988 Stefi Graf also won the Olympic tennis women's singles gold medal (Golden Grand Slam).

Men's Doubles

Frank Sedgman and Ken McGregor (1951)

Women's Doubles

Maria Bueno (1960) won the Australian Open with Kristen Truman Janes, and Dalen Hard at the French Open, Wimbledon and US Open. Martina Navratilova and Pam Schreiber (1984) Martina Hingis (1998) wins the Australian Open with Miriana Lucci, and the French Open, Wimbledon and US Open with Yana Novotna.

Mixed Doubles

Margaret Court (Margaret Smith at the time of the match) and Ken Fletcher (1963) Margaret Court (1965; Margaret Smith at the time), won the Australian Open with John Newcomb; Wins French Open and Wimbledon with Ken Fletcher; Wins the US Open with Fred Stolle. Note: The Australian Open final was not held, and was co-winned by Robin Evan and Owen Davidson. Owen Davidson (1967), Leslie Turner Bowl

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