Kim In-hwan (Theologian)


November 30, 2021

In Whan Kim (May 10, 1946 – November 15, 2021) was a South Korean theologian and pastor. He served as the president of Chongshin University, and from 2014 to 2016 served as the university president instead. Subsequently, from 2016 to 2018, he served as the 2nd President of the Christian University of Swaziland in Africa (now Swatini Christian Medical University). He made several achievements in the field of Old Testament. He has his wife Joo Jeong-suk, his eldest son Jae-shin, his eldest daughter Yu-mi, and his second son Jae-hyeong. His older brother is Pastor Kim Chun-hwan, dean of Seoul Theological Seminary. He served as the first president of the Reformed Theological Society. His cemetery is in Franklin Memorial Park, New Jersey, USA.

Academic background

Graduated from Sungkwang High School Chongshin University Westminster Theological Seminary. Th.M. University of Wales, Lampeter. Ph.D.


President of Chongshin University President of Daishin University President of Swaziland Christian University First President of the Reformed Theological Society

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