Help:Put a picture


October 20, 2021

Various pictures (English: Image) such as photos, paintings, maps, drawings, and icons are inserted in Wikipedia articles. Using pictures in your document makes it easier for readers to understand the content. Pictures start with File: and usually end with .jpg, .gif, .png, etc. This article explains how to post pictures for use in articles on Wikipedia. See below for the difference between free and non-free works.

Post a new picture

To use a picture in Korean Wikipedia, you must first upload the picture. Upload can be done on Wikimedia Commons or Korean Wikipedia. Most of the pictures are posted on Wikimedia Commons. This is because pictures posted on Wikimedia Commons can be freely used on Wikipedia in other languages. But before uploading a picture, you must check whether the picture can be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons or not.

1. Check if you can upload it

The following images cannot be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. Album covers, movie posters, game characters, etc. The picture was not taken or drawn by herself, but was uploaded from the Internet or SNS. If you took the picture yourself, but you took a picture of a building in a country where there is no freedom of panorama In case you took the picture yourself, but the currency pattern was taken from the currency of a country protected by copyright law If you took a picture of yourself, but you took a picture or logo drawn by someone else If you drew it yourself, but you copied the main character of an animation or a scene from a movie In the case of other copyright-protected works or works permitted only for limited use, such as non-commercial use... These pictures are called non-free works, and uploading to Korean Wikipedia is very limited. A non-free work is a work that is not a free work or is subject to exclusive copyright. These non-free works can only be uploaded by users with uploader rights. If you do not have uploader permission, you can request it in the file upload request. For more information, see White:Fair Use of Non-Free Works. The following images can be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. The rest! Pictures that can be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons in this way are called free works. A free work is a work that is distributed under a free license, which means that it permanently permits anyone to use the material for any purpose. For a detailed explanation of this, please check the commons:License document. Please upload complete self-made files to Wikimedia Commons under a license that permits Wikimedia Commons to upload them. A picture's license must be set separately from the Wikipedia article in which the picture is inserted.

2. Upload a picture

Please read commons: Beginner's Guide/Upload for instructions on how to post pictures to Wikimedia Commons. At this time, when uploading pictures to Wikimedia Commons, you must select an appropriate license. Also, if you give a classification in English, other people can easily find the picture and use it. If you are accessing the Korean Wikipedia on a mobile device, please refer to Help: Mobile Editing # Uploading Photos.

3. Name the picture

Request a picture

If you take a picture of the relevant document required for the document yourself

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