Help:Create a new document


October 20, 2021

Welcome to Wikipedia. This page explains how to create your first encyclopedia topic. There are dos and don'ts when you create your first headword. I'll explain this first, and then I'll show you how to create a document. Here are some things to keep in mind when writing: Some topics are covered by Wikipedia and others are not. If the heading looks suitable for use in an encyclopedia, write it. If you are unsure whether a heading is appropriate for an encyclopedia, or if you are a heading or you are closely related to it, you can ask a question about the appropriateness of the heading in the question room, or read this article and judge for yourself. Creating an account has several advantages. All you need to create an account is your ID and password. Before creating a new headline, try editing an existing article to understand the wiki grammar. If you don't know wiki grammar at all, it's a good idea to learn the basics of editing in the quick tutorial. Before creating a new article, do a search to see if a similar article already exists on this site. The concept is the same, but the headings may be different. If a similar document already exists, please make it more substantial. Gather credible sources to ensure that the writing you want to write meets the nomination criteria. It is not appropriate to refer to blogs, personal websites, Facebook or YouTube. There are many reliable sources, including your local library, but when using information on the Internet, it is better to refer to a book or newspaper article [1][2] rather than just writing the information you find. When writing about a living person, you should especially base your writing on reliable sources. If you write an article about a currently living person without a source, it may be deleted, especially if it contains negative or controversial content. Consider getting feedback. You can get opinions from Sarangbang or related wiki projects. Consider writing on your personal page as well. When you sign up for this site, you have your own personal space. You can write articles there, or you can create sub-documents again there. When the document is sufficiently 'aged' there, it can be moved to a general heading entry. (The Create New Document wizard prompts the user to write an article in the user's document if it determines that they are not ready to create a heading right away.) If the content is not appropriate, whether it be in a personal space or in a public space, the content is promptly will be deleted. There are people on Wikipedia that specifically check for new articles. Documents that do not meet the inclusion criteria or documents that do not cite reliable sources are more likely to be deleted. Don't write about yourself, your company, your band, or your friends that aren't in any other encyclopedia. You must not plagiarize. Also, take extra care when writing contentious topics, extremely short texts, or minor texts. When you're ready to write, it's a good idea to refer to the Create New Document Wizard, which walks you through the steps of writing. Create a new document wizard makes it easy to create documents

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