Independence Day


August 20, 2022

Independence Day (獨立記念日) is a day to commemorate the achievement of the status of an independent country from the colonial rule of another country. Independence Day is sometimes a national holiday. Independence Day is an annual event commemorating the independence of a country or the day on which a country was established, usually after becoming a group or part of another country or state, or after military occupation, and in rare cases, the day on which the foundation of a country completely changed. All. Many countries around the world celebrate independence from colonial empires. As the American political commentator Walter Russell Mead once said, "Across the world, every day is celebrated to commemorate independence from British colonial rule."

List of Independence Day

Countries without Independence Day

The following countries have no Independence Day and have no experience of independence after colonial rule. Nepal Denmark Germany russia Luxembourg Liechtenstein Monaco Vatican City butane Saudi Arabia San Marino Western Sahara Sweden Spain Andorra Ethiopia uk Iran Italy Japan China Thailand Turkiye france

A country that is independent but has no anniversary

The next country is a country that has become independent but does not view it as an anniversary. Or a country that is Independence Day but a separate day. New Zealand Laos Marshall Islands Swiss Slovakia Australia Austria Egypt Czech Republic Cameroon Canada Palau Hungary

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