League of Legends World Championship 2021


November 30, 2021

The League of Legends World Championship 2021 is the 11th tournament of the League of Legends World Championship.


Hosted by: Riot Games Hosted by: Riot Games Sponsored by: Mastercard, Alienware, Secret Lab, Louis Vuitton, Red Bull, AX, OPPO, Starfarm Subject: MAKE/BREAK Theme Song: Burn It All Down Commemorative Skin: Championship Jarvan IV


Play-In: 2 teams from 4th seed from top 2 major regions, 1 team from 3rd seed from 2nd place major region (excluding LEC), 1st place runner-up team from top minor region, 6 winning teams from remaining minor regions Group Stage: Divided into two groups and proceeded in a single round robin format, the first place in each group goes straight to the main event, the second place in each group advances to the knockout tournament finals, and the third and fourth places in each group advance to the knockout tournament semifinals Knockout Tournament: Best of 5 Main Event: 11 teams from Major Regions, 1 Team from Top Minors Region, and 4 Teams from Play-In Group Stage: Divided into 4 groups and played in a double round robin format, the top 2 teams in each group advance to the final tournament Final Tournament: Best of 5

Changed points

Oceania Region League Name Changed (League of Legends Circuit Oceania-LCO) Regions that win the Mid-Season Invitational receive additional seeds. However, if the region of the winning team is the region with the first place in the global power ranking, an additional seed will be given to the region with the second place. On September 9, 2021, due to the aftermath of COVID-19, VCS (Vietnam) did not attend for the second year in a row, and 11 regions and 22 teams participated, and LEC (Europe) seed group stage 3 (No. 1) 1 seed + 2 seed 2).


play-in Group Stage: October 5 (Tue) ~ 7 (Thu) Knockout Tournament: October 8 (Fri) ~ 9 (Sat) group stage Round 1 : October 11 (Mon) ~ 13 (Wed) Round 2: October 15 (Fri) ~ 18 (Mon) Lecture 8 : October 22 (Fri) ~ 25 (Mon) Semifinals: October 30 (Sat) ~ 31 (Sun) Final : November 6 (Sat)


Iceland Reykjavik Reuygardals Associations Indoor Sports Stadium

Prize money

Total Prize Pool: Base Prize ($2,250,000) + α (25% of crowdfunding total sales revenue) Winning: 22% of total prize pool Runner-up: 15% of total prize pool Semifinals: 8% of total prize pool Round of 8: 4.5% of total prize money Group Stage 3rd place in each group: 2.5% of total prize money Group stage group tied for 3rd place: 2.375% of total prize money (no standings) Group Stage 4th place in each group: 2.25% of total prize money Play-In Stage Knockout Tournament Round 2: 1.75% of total prize pool Play-In Stage Knockout Tournament Round 1: 1.25% of total prize pool Play-In Stage Group Stage: 1% of total prize pool

Regional Selection Match


According to the global power ranking in 2021, the number of seeds and participation stages are divided. Bold is the number one seed team in the group stage.

List of players


Group Stage

Group A

Group B

Knockout Tournament

Round 1

Round 2

Group Stage

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Final Tournament




Final Rank

Prize size: $ 2,250,000 (25% of basic prize money and crowdfunding revenue not applied) The parentheses are the play-in stage scores of the teams that have made it to the play-in stage (however, the final score is applied from the group stage) Ranking matches are not included in the final score.



Controversies and incidents

Group stage schedule controversy

group stock

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