Muwahid Khalifa


August 20, 2022

Al-Muwahidun (Arabic: الموحدون al-Muwahidun[*]), or Muwahid Khalifa, was a Berber Muslim Khalifa dynasty and was founded in the 12th century. He conquered all of northern Africa and ruled Libya, al-Andalus, and even the Moorish-controlled Iberian Peninsula. From 1130 to 1163, Abd al-Mummin defeated the original great power and took control of all regions, establishing himself as an overlord. The Moorish Iberia also fell to Muwahidzo and moved their capital to Seville in 1170. However, in 1212, Muhammad Nasir's power was weakened by the defeat of the four Christian kingdoms of Castile, Aragon, Navarra, and Portugal. In the battle, Muwahidjo was defeated and lost control of the Iberian Peninsula. Córdoba and Seville, the great Moorish heritages, soon fell into Christian hands, and were taken in 1236 and 1248 respectively. It continued to exert influence throughout Africa, but its power was further weakened by the rebellion of the Marin dynasty with various tribes in 1215. The last monarch, Marrakech, was murdered by a slave in 1269.

Successive monarchs

Abd Almumin (1130 - 1163) Abu Yakub Yusuf I (1163 - 1184) Yaqub al-Mansur (1184–1199) Muhammad Nasir (1199-1213) Yousp II (1214-1224) Abdul Al Wahid (1224) Abdallah al-Dil (1224-1227) Yahya (1227-1235) Idris I (1227 - 1232) Abdul Wahid Rashid (1232-1242) Havre Hassan Said (1242-1248) Umar (1248 - 1266) Idris II (1266–1269)