Mi Amore


November 30, 2021

〈Me Amore〉 (Japanese: ミ・アモーレ [Meu amor é・・・]) is the 11th single by Japanese singer Akina Nakamori (中森明菜), released on March 8, 1985. (EP: L-1668) The lyrics were written by Jinhwa Kang and the music and arrangement by Naoya Matsuoka, released under the Warner Pioneer label. Side B is "Lonely Journey" (Lonely Journey, Lonely Johnny [*]), lyrics and composition by EPO, and arrangement by Nobuyuki Shimizu. It is one of the representative songs of singer Nakamori. She sang Latin samba-style songs. This single was originally written with different lyrics, but after gathering the opinions of Mori Naka and her staff, who thought it did not fit the concept, he asked lyricist Jinhwa Kang to write new lyrics, and re-created it. The song with the lyrics to be sung will be released a few months later as a promotional single 'The Red Bird Fled'. The song topped the charts on several music programs and topped the Oricon weekly singles chart on March 18, 1985. Subsequently, in 1985, it reached #2 on the Oricon Annual Singles Chart and recorded 630,000 copies, the second highest-selling single among Nakamori's all-time singles. It is also a song that won the grand prize at the 27th Japan Records Grand Prize in 1985 and gave her singer Nakamori the honor as her youngest grand prize winner. CD Journal said that as a song that introduced elements of Latin American music, the unique sad rhythm of these music genres was well combined with Nakamori's sensibility.



18th All Japan Cable Broadcasting Awards (1st half) - Yomiuri TV Grand Prize, Excellent Star Award 14th FNS Music Festival - Grand Prix, Excellent Music Award 27th Japan Record Awards - Grand Prize, Gold Prize 5th Japan Composer Award - Outstanding Composer Award

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