War of the Bavarian Succession


May 29, 2022

The War of the Bavarian Succession (German: Bayerischer Erbfolgekrieg) was a war fought between Austria and Prussia over the inheritance rights of the Electorate of Bavaria from 3 July 1778 to 13 May 1779. It is also called the 'potato war'.


After the death of Maximilian Immanuel, Duke of Bavaria in December 1777, Joseph II, Archduke and Holy Roman Emperor of Austria, and Duke of Kaunitz, Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy of Austria, put pressure on Karl Theodore, the area where the Duchy of Lower Bavaria and Mindelheim were in Austria. Sign an agreement to hand over to the Archduke. The war began when Prussia and the Elector of Saxony invaded the Kingdom of Bohemia, which was an alliance with Austria. Prussia and Saxony occupied Bohemia, and Austria occupied the territories agreed to be transferred from the Dukes of Bavaria. As time passed and no progress was made, Maria Theresia, co-ruler of Austria and Queen of Bohemia, offered peace to Prussia, and the war ended with the signing of the Teschen Agreement.