November 30, 2021

An actor (俳優) refers to a person who performs in a dramatic performance such as a play, television, or film. This term mainly refers to a person who performs in a program such as a film or television, play or radio program, and sometimes also includes those who perform on the street. do. Among them, those who act on the radio are called voice actors. Aside from taking on dramatic roles, actors sing or dance, work on the radio, or work as voice actors. Actors usually play fictional characters. In the case of a true story (or a fictional story depicting a real person), the actor plays a real person (or a fictional character of the same). In some cases, the actors themselves appear. Take, for example, the performance of John Malkovich in the movie Being John Malkovich.


Comedy Actor

Movie Star

Television Actor

A television actor is an actor who appears and acts in a drama. Also called 'talent' in Konglish.

Musical Actor

A musical actor is an actor who sings and acts in a musical.

Children Actors

Stunt Actor

Mung actor

Meng actors are actors who act in places like dramas. He is an actor who does not appear in the movie.

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