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Sangnok-gu (常綠區) is a district in the eastern part of Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea. It borders Gunpo and Anyang to the east, Danwon-gu to the west, Suwon to the south, and Siheung to the north. It is located in the southwest of Seoul with a radius of 30 km.


Origin of name

It was derived from the spatial background of Shim Hoon's novel and the area where the enlightenment activist Choi Yong-sin, who was the model for the main character 'Chae Young-shin', actually worked in the Bono-dong area in the central part of Sangnok-gu. For reference, Sangnoksu Station is also located in Sangnok-gu, a station on the Ansan Line of the Korea Railroad Corporation, which is derived from the novel title 《Sangnoksu》.


November 1, 2002: Sangnok-gu was established. July 1, 2004: Movement was weighted in Il-dong. February 22, 2007: Weight was increased from Sa 1-dong to Sa 3-dong. July 1, 2017: Sa1-dong was renamed Sadong, Sa2-dong was renamed Sai-dong, and Sa3-dong was renamed Haehae-dong.


The topography of Sangnok-gu forms a relatively gentle slope toward the inland. Gwangdeoksan and Masan in the northern part, and Nabongsan and Chilbosan in the southern part of the low hilly mountains.

Administrative division

* Population/generation is based on resident registration as of December 31, 2016, area as of December 31, 2013


Population (Koreans) by year of Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si



Seoul Metropolitan Subway Line 4 (Ansan Line under the jurisdiction of Korea Railroad Corporation) Handaemae Station → Sangnoksu Station → Banwol Station Suin/Bundang Line of the Seoul Metropolitan Subway (Suin Line under the jurisdiction of Korea Railroad Corporation) Handaemae Station → Sari Station


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