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November 30, 2021

〈Slow Motion〉 (Japanese: スローモーション スロモーション [*]) is the first single and debut song by Japanese singer Akina Nakamori (中森明菜), released on May 1, 1982. (EP: L-1600) Lyrics by Etsuko Kisgi, music by Takao Kisigi, and arrangement by Motoki Funayama (船山基紀). B-side song 'Conditional Reflection' It was written by Tsuzuru Nakazato, composed by Noboru Mimuro, and arranged by Motoki Funayama. After winning Nippon TV's audition program, A Star Is Born! in 1981, Akina Nakamori has set her record label as Warner Pioneer and recorded her first single and tracks from her first album in Los Angeles. She made her debut with this single on May 1, 1982. A video of her recording work at this time was released as a video as Nice to meet you Akina Nakamori on May 1, 1985, three years after her debut. After completing the recording work, Nakamori returned to Japan and participated in the selection of debut songs with the staff. At that time, all of the candidates for debut songs were selected from the first album > , , and Evaluate and Response CD Journal, a music website, pointed out that this song follows the typical pattern of songs sung by idols at the time. However, it was also praised that Nakamori's voice fits her song well, so it sounds quite fresh even if you listen to it now.



1st Megalopolis Song Festival - Rookie of the Year 15th All Japan Cable Broadcasting Awards (first half) - Rookie of the Year Award Oricon Monthly Rookie of the Year Award - July 1982 7th FM Tokyo Lion Listeners Grand Prix - Grand Prix

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