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August 20, 2022

Holy Roman Emperor (Latin: Imperator Romanus Sacer [*]; German: römisch-deutsche Kaiser [*]; Italian: Imperatore del Sacro Romano Impero) was the Holy Roman Emperor, official His title was Emperor of the Romans (Latin: Imperator Romanorum [*]; German: Kaiser der Römer [*]). The territories he ruled include Saxony, Swabia, Bavaria, Franken, Carinthia, Austria, Hungary, and northern Italy, which were his original territories and the Holy Roman Empire. In other territories ruled by princes in Italy, some suzerainty rights were recognized. The emperor was crowned by the Pope until the Hohenstaufen dynasty, and after the Grand Duchess was elected by princes with the right to elect the emperor, called Electors. At one time in 1530, Francis I of France was also a candidate for the Holy Roman Emperor.

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