Shinhan Youth Party


July 6, 2022

The New Korea Youth Party was founded in August 1918 in Shanghai, China, and was active before and after the March 1st Movement in 1919. The leader of the party was Yeo Woon-hyung, and the six promoters were Yeo Woon-hyung, Han Jin-kyo, Jang Deok-soo, Kim Cheol, Seon Woo-hyuk, and Jo Dong-ho. There were three things: independence, social reform, and global unity. In December 1918, the petition for independence was delivered to President Woodrow Wilson of the United States, and in January 1919, Kim Kyu-sik was dispatched to the Paris Peace Conference to demand the independence of Joseon. It also established close contacts with Tokyo, Primorsky Krai and the Americas. In 1919, due to the activity of the New Korea Youth Party, foreign students in Japan declared the February 8th Independence Movement, and in Korea, the March First Movement was launched in all parts of the country. Members of this organization formed the mainstay of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea established on April 11, 1919, which appointed Kim Kyu-sik in Paris as foreign secretary and submitted a petition for independence. Then, in December 1922, it was disbanded by the voluntary dissolution order of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea.



The New Korea Youth Party was founded around August 20, 1918 in Shanghai, China, in the French Concession, by Yeo Woon-hyeong, Seon Woo-hyuk, Han Jin-kyo, Jang Deok-su, Kim Cheol, and Jo Dong-ho. Yeo Woon-hyeong, a central figure in the founding, fled to China in 1914, graduated from Jinling University in Nanjing, and was working in a Christian book publishing company called Mission Book Company in Shanghai. I met Jang Deok-soo who stopped by. As a result of discussing the strategy of the independence movement, the two shared the view that the youth independence movement is particularly important in the Korean independence movement, which is bound to be a long-term war. Kim Cheol, Seon Woo-hyuk, Han Jin-kyo, and Jo Dong-ho, who were living in Shanghai at the time, also actively supported the proposal, and these six people became the promoters and founded the New Korea Youth Party. At first, without a 'party name', they had regular meetings and discussions every Saturday. The name 'New Korea Youth Party' was hastily entered in November 1918, and Yeo Woon-hyung got a hint from the Turkish politician Kemal Pasha's 'Turkish Youth Party' and imitated it. At that time, there were about 10 Turkish Youth Party members in Shanghai. Yeo Woon-hyung heard about the existence and organization of the Turkish Youth Party from the same foreign student Armel Bey and referred to it. Looking at the purpose of the founding of the New Korea Youth Party in the purpose of the statement, 'After independence is completed and independence is restored, it is culturally, morally, and morally national. reform the nation to create a new nation, foster academics and industry, and nurture skills so that the new culture of the Korean people can bring great happiness to all mankind'. In addition, the ideology of the New Korea Youth Party expressed in the purpose can be summarized as nationalism (independence ideology), democracy, republicanism, social reformism, and international pacifism. The New Korea Youth Party aims to achieve the independence of the Korean people, establish a republican democratic state, carry out major reforms in all parts of society appropriately in line with the currents of the times, and promote international cooperation so that the newspapers created by the Korean people contribute to all mankind. It was to build a country.'


At the time of the founding of the New Korea Youth Party, there were 6 party members, but by the end of November 1918, when it was discussed that Kim Gyu-sik should be dispatched to the Paris Peace Conference, the party members had increased to about 20. And in the following year, the party membership increased to about 30-50. The Shinhan Youth Party initially had very few members.