Astro world festival crushed accident


November 30, 2021

On November 5, 2021, a crowd was crushed to death at the AstroWorld Festival, a music event held by American rapper Travis Scott at NRG Park in Houston, Texas. Ten people were killed and police said the victims were crushed by crowds of fans. An additional 25 people were hospitalized at the festival field hospital and more than 300 were treated for injuries.


Astro World Festival is an annual music event named after American rapper and hip-hop composer Travis Scott's third studio album, released in 2018. The event was planned and managed by Live Nation and its affiliates. Apple Music streamed Scott's performance live.


The 2021 festival was planned for two consecutive nights, and authorities planned to limit attendance to 50,000 on the first day, even though the city's fire code allowed up to 200,000 spectators. The City of Houston and Harris County have been generous with the cost of the event, with Mayor Sylvester Turner providing more security than the 2021 World Series, which ended in Houston three days ago. Contingencies such as , active shooting, civil unrest, missing persons, missing children, and unruly fans were included, but contingencies such as influx of crowds were not included. Security officers, security officers, and internal and external security officers at the time of the incident However, the risk management officer of the company they all worked for was not listed in the Texas Department of Public Security's private security license database. Documents obtained by CNN said that only concert producers and film festival directors in the chain of command were authorized to halt performances, but the report did not specify who took on the role. Additionally, specific crowd control techniques for detecting or preventing the behavior in question were not detailed in the document. Firefighters were forced to adjust their explosives depots when they did not match organizers' original submissions. The Houston Police Department had 528 officers attending the festival, with event organizer Live Nation providing an additional 755 sheriffs, according to early reports. Houston Police Chief Troy Pinner disputed the amount the security company received given the poor record keeping of three or four. The Houston Fire Department deployed 20 ambulances outside the venue prior to the concert. A builder from Brooklyn, New York, who installed medical tents and small aid stations around the event site, spoke of the need for paramedics.

Previous event

Travis Scott

Scott's previous performances have had several legal issues, including when he incites the incident and praises the involvement of his fans. CNN noted that he built a reputation as a 'laser' in hip-hop and that the live show was on the brink of chaos. At a Lola Falluja concert in 2015, Scott acted chaotically after instigating concert attendees to ignore security and rush the stage. was charged with In 2017, he was arrested for similar conduct after performing in Arkans. He was charged with inciting a riot, committing disorderly conduct, and endangering the welfare of minors, but all charges were later dismissed except for disorderly conduct. That same year, a fan sued Scott and the concert organizers at Terminal 5 in New York City. The fan fell off the balcony and became paralyzed. At that concert, Scott encourages fans to jump off balconies and catch the crowd below them as they fall.

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