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May 29, 2022

The Washington Post is the largest newspaper published in Washington, D.C. Often referred to simply as a post. Along with The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, it is the most representative daily newspaper in the United States, and contains many international articles. The post features articles on the White House, the Senate, and the US administration. In 1961, Newsweek was acquired as a subsidiary. In August 2013, it was sold to Jeff Bezos.


Founded by Stilson Hutchison in 1877, the addition of a Sunday edition in 1880 made it the city's first newspaper to publish seven days a week.

Meaning in American Press History

One of the Post's most important events is the case in which reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein uncover the truth behind the Watergate affair, which was hidden by aides from then-President Nixon. This had a major impact on the resignation of President Richard Nixon.

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