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May 29, 2022

Do You Know introduces some of the newly created articles on Wikipedia that are not well known to the public in the Did you know paragraph at the front page. Erdos Pal gave it this name because Sekeresi Gyorgi and Klein Esther, who solved the happy ending problem, got married. The world's highest exposure to radiation at one time was Cecil Kelly, who died after 35 hours of exposure to 36 Gy. Adolf Eichmann (pictured), who served as a senior assault squad leader at the Nazi Germany's National Security Headquarters during World War II, deported many Hungarian Jews to concentration camps to genocide Hungarian Jews, one of Nazi Germany's genocide plans. played a big role in The Renault FT-17, a French tank developed during World War I, was the first to introduce a rotatable turret, a rear engine, and a forward crew structure. It is also called Aleksandar Zurić, a former footballer from Singapore, represented Bosnia and Herzegovina canoeing team at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Operational Purpose

Did you know? is an introduction to some of the lesser-known new additions to Wikipedia. The exact operational purpose is to: Did You Know Wikipedia aims to provide access to a wide range of topics and facts by posting new articles and information on the main page. Do You Know wants to provide a new source to contributors and readers to provide a driving force to re-create another information. You can. Therefore, it is better to refrain from excessively misleading or trivial information, as it is far from being aware of information that falls under the so-called 'trivia'. Also, please do not publish matters that are too topical or that are the latest news, as they are already covered in Back:News.

Misconceptions about Did You Know

Did you know? is not a place to write the latest news. For news, please use {{News}}. Did you know that this is not a place for trivia questions.

How to add content

Listing criteria

Before adding content, please make sure that you comply with the following: The article you are introducing must be a new article and not a stub. Please keep in mind that all content in Did You Know should also follow Wikipedia's policies and guidelines. You must make sure that the content and source of the part you want to write exists in the document.

Add to list

Anyone who meets the criteria for registration can enter the template and add content. Write the document creation date at the top of the list, starting with the most recent, and keep the number of items at 5. When adding pictures/pictures, set the right alignment to 100px and always place it on top. Also, be sure to add a description to the photo. Bold only the most essential word of what you want to add. After editing the template document, record the same on the history page.

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