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May 29, 2022

This list is a history of what has appeared on Wikipedia: Did you know? Date refers to the uploaded date.


7 January: Arsenal FC, an English football club, got its name from its founding by workers who worked for the Royal Arsenal (Royal Arsenal). January 23: Aleksandar Zurić, a former soccer player from Singapore, competes for the Bosnia and Herzegovina canoeing team at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, ​​Spain. February 16: The Renault FT-17, a French tank developed during World War I, was the first tank to introduce a rotatable turret, a rear engine and a forward crew structure. The Renault FT-17 is sometimes referred to as the world's first modern tank. March 27: During World War II, Adolf Eichmann, senior assault squad leader at the Nazi Germany's National Security Headquarters, deported many Hungarian Jews to concentration camps and massacred Hungarian Jews as part of Nazi Germany's extermination plan. He played a major role in the slaughter. April 21: The world's most radiation exposure at one time is Cecil Kelly, who died 35 hours after being exposed to 36 Gy. May 3: This name was given by Erdossi Pal because Sekeresi Gyorgi and Klein Esther got married, who solved the happy ending problem.


March 11: Soviet female Soviet soldier Lyudmila Pavlichenko of Ukrainian descent is the most successful female sniper in history, with 309 kills in World War II. March 11: The KBS 2TV drama The Savage, an image of Choi In-ho's novel The Savage, was originally scheduled to be aired on KBS 1TV on August 27, 1992 through the TV Literary Theater. The airing was canceled in advance due to protests from the Hanseong Cooperative Association, a rights group, and it was aired on KBS 2TV on January 1, 1994 through 《Encore Literature Theater》. March 25: Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, borders Austria and Hungary, making it the only capital of the world that borders two sovereign countries. March 29: Singil Oncheon Station or Neunggil Station, a railway station of the Seoul Metropolitan Subway Line 4 and Suin/Bundang Line in Singil-dong, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, was opened under the name of Singil Oncheon Station because the area around the station was planned to be developed at the time of construction of the Ansan Line. The development has not been made, and as residents who support the development of the hot springs protested against the decision to revise the station name and requested the suspension of the execution, the name of the Shingil Onsen station is still used in route maps and stations. March 29: Danish model Josefinesk River was born through in vitro fertilization to her lesbian mother and gay father. March 29: When the French brothers Montgolfier launched their first hot air balloon in 1783, they carried ducks, chickens, and sheep instead of people. April 14: The flag of Saudi Arabia contains the shahaha, a professing verse sacred to Islam, so there is a rule to make the two pieces of fabric glued together to prevent the flag's front and back from appearing reversed. In addition, the act of raising the flag early and using it for goods is prohibited. May 4: Muyaho, derived from the shouts of an Alaskan Korean grandfather, produced in the 2010 episode of Oh My Tent, aired in the 2010 episode of MBC's entertainment program Infinite Challenge, is 2