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July 6, 2022

June 1: International Children's Day 1871 - The Sinmiyangyo, a military conflict between Joseon and the United States, occurs. 1903 - Hibiya Park in Japan is opened. 1968 - Helen Keller (pictured), an American writer, educator and socialist activist, dies. 1988 - The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty between the United States and the Soviet Union enters into force. 1998 - The European Central Bank is established. 2022 - The official name of Turkey is changed from Republic of Turkey to Republic of Turkiye, final approval by the United Nations. View · Discuss · Edit · History June 2nd 455 - Vandals sack Rome. 1886 - President Grover Cleveland of the United States is married at the White House. 1946 - Italy changes its regime from a kingdom to a republic after a referendum. 1953 - The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (pictured) of England is televised for the first time. 1992 - Denmark rejects ratification of the Maastricht Treaty after a referendum. View · Discuss · Edit · History June 3 1839 - The First Opium War is triggered by the Qing Dynasty's Lim Chi-seo discarding 1.2 million kg of opium. 1899 - Austrian composer Johann Strauss II (pictured) dies. 1961 - US President John F. Kennedy holds first meeting with Soviet Prime Minister Nikita Khrushchev. 1983 - Yutaka Fukumoto of the Hankyu Braves, a Japanese professional baseball team, sets a new world record by stealing 939 bases. 1997 - Lionel Jospin becomes Prime Minister of France. View · Discuss · Edit · History June 4 1783 - France's Montgolfier brothers make the world's first unmanned hot air balloon flight. 1920 - The Austro-Hungarian Empire is divided into five countries due to the Treaty of Trianon in Paris. 1937 - The Bocheonbo attack occurs. 1970 - Tonga gains independence from Britain. 1989 - The Tiananmen incident occurs when martial law forces of the People's Republic of China use force to suppress protesters in Tiananmen Square (pictured) in Beijing. View · Discuss · Edit · History June 5: World Environment Day 1947 - The Marshall Plan is announced. 1968 - Senator Robert F. Kennedy (pictured), US presidential candidate, is shot and killed the next day. 1975 - The Suez Canal opens for the first time since the Seven Days War. 1978 - Jo Se-hee's novel The Little Ball Launched by a Dwarf is published. 1989 - The 3rd Tiananmen Incident: An unknown traitor blocks the path of a streetcar to suppress the incident on a street in the direction of Tiananmen Square in the People's Republic of China. View · Discuss · Edit · History June 6: Remembrance Day in Korea 1523 - Gustav I Vasa dissolves the Kalmar League and becomes king of Sweden. 1844 - The Christian Youth Association (YMCA) is founded in London. 1925 - Walter Chrysler founded the automobile company Chrysler. 1944 - The largest amphibious operation in war history (pictured) begins with 155,000 Allied forces landing on the Normandy coast. 1984 - Tetris, the world's best-selling game, is released. View · Discuss · Edit · History June 7 1494 - Spain and Portugal sign the Treaty of Tordesillas (pictured) to divide the newly discovered continent. 1938 - The Douglas DC-4E makes its first flight. 1948 - Edvard Benesi resigns as president of Czechoslovakia. 1981 - Operation Babylon, in which Israeli fighters attack the Osirak nuclear power plant in Iraq. 1986 – Sachio Kinugasa of Hiroshima Toyo Carp, a Japanese professional baseball player, becomes the best player in Japanese professional baseball history.