October 18, 2021

Wikipedia's sister projects run by the Wikimedia Foundation include Wiktionary, Wiki Citations, Wiki Literature, Wikibooks, Wiki News, Wiki Species, Wikimedia Commons, Wiki Learning, and Wiki Travel.


Wikipedia is operated by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization. The Wikimedia Foundation also runs other projects.

Link to

Documents in sister projects can be linked in the following ways: If there are sister projects in multiple languages, the long link will link to the English version, and the short link will link to the Korean version. For example, [[wiktionary:hello]] will link to the English Wiktionary, and [[wikt:hello]] will link to the ‘hello’ article in the Korean Wiktionary. In the case of a common project, there is no distinction. For example, [[meta:Main Page]] or [[m:Main Page]] both link to the same article in MetaWiki.

List of Templates

Wiki sister project Template:Wikktionary Template:Wikinews Template:Wiki Dictionary Template:wiki citations Template:wiki literature Template:wikibook Wikimedia Commons Template:WikiCommon Template:WikiCommonCategory

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