August 20, 2022

Islam (Arabic: الإسلام al-islām ; English: Islam) or Islam is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion that teaches that Muhammad is the apostle and prophet of the monotheistic Allah, along with Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism. one The name ‘Islam’ means obedience and obedience in Arabic, and Allah is said to have become Allah (Allah) by assimilation of the Arabic definite article al (al) and ilāh, meaning god. A believer in Islam is called a Muslim if he is a man and a Muslim if he is a woman. The scriptures of Islam are the Qur'an (Qur'an), which is said to be a record of the words of Allah that the Prophet Muhammad received from the angel Gabriel (Arabic: جبريل). The representative denominations of Islam are Sunnis, which make up 80-90% of the total Muslim population, and Shiites, which make up 10-20% of the total Muslim population. Muslims in the Balkans, Central Asia, and Turkey are predominantly Sufi Muslims. Within the Sunni sect, all Muslims have a sense of homogeneity, but there is an invisible distrust between other sects. In the Hadith, the Prophet Muhammad's words and deeds, which Muslims regard as important after the Qur'an, the Islamic scriptures, "Only Allah can judge by fire."

Definition of terms

Islam: The name of the religion commonly referred to as 'Islam'. Islam (al-islām) is a word coined by Muhammad, derived from 'asalama', which means 'submission to Allah'. In Korea, Islam is also called Islam (回敎), which is derived from the Chinese call Islam to Islam. In the booklet 'Misunderstandings and Truths about Islam' published by the Islamic Federation of Korea, the name 'Muslim' is wrong and it should be called 'Islam' or 'Islam'. Islam is sometimes called Muhammadism, but Islam is not a religion that believes in Muhammad, it is a religion that believes in Allah. The Korean Islamic Federation also points out that the name ‘Mahhometism’ is also incorrect. Muslim: A person who submits to Islam, that is, a Muslim believer in Islam. The woman is Muslim. Quran: The name of the scriptures of Islam. A gerund for "to read" (Arabic: kara'a), which means "to read". This is the first revelation Muhammad received: “Read! In the name of your Lord, the Creator.” In the past, the notation ‘Koran’ was used a lot. rasūlu-llāh: meaning 'sacrament'; in Islam it mainly refers to Muhammad (in English, Muhammad). A sacrament means 'one sent by Allah' and is of a higher rank than a prophet. For example; Ibrahim, Musa, Issa and Muhammad. Iman: It is a word for “faith,” but Islamic belief is directly related to works. It usually refers to the “six beliefs.” The Five Pillars of Islam: These are the five most important religious obligations that believers must observe.


Descendants of Ismail, Founder of Islam

There are two sons of Abraham, Ismail (Ishmael) and Isaac, and it is a story that Ismail arrived in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, after being expelled. According to this story, Abraham, who came to see Ismail, and his son Ismail built the Kaaba in Mecca.

The Story of Muhammad


Mecca, the holy land of Islam, is located in the central part of the Arabian Peninsula, about 80 km off the coast of the Red Sea.