Japan Record Award


November 30, 2021

The Japan Record Awards (日本レコード大賞) is an annual award awarded by the Japan Composer's Association to a person who has shown outstanding achievements. The Japan Record Awards ceremony is held alongside performances by famous musicians, and the awards ceremony is televised. The award was first conceived in 1959. The awards ceremony is broadcast on-site on December 30 every year on TBS broadcasting station.

Major Awards

Japan Record Grand Prize (Best Picture Award Winner) Excellence Award Best Rookie Award (Best Rookie Award Winner) Outstanding Rookie of the Year Award Best Singing Award Best Producer Award (Best Producer Award Winner) Outstanding Producer Award composer lyricist arrangement planning prize Japan Composers Association Encouragement Award special prize Achievement Award Special Achievement Award

Past Record Grand Prize Winners/Songs

Best Rookie of the Year Award Winner/Song


External Links

(Japanese) JACOMPA Japan Composers Association official website (Japanese) TBS 《Shine! Japan Record Award!

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