President of the Liberal Democrats


October 23, 2021

The Liberal Democratic Party (Liberal Democratic Party) (Japanese: 自由民主党総裁 Ji Youminshtososai[*], English: President of the Liberal Democratic Party) is the party leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan and heads the party as its chief executive. He is elected by lawmakers and members of the Liberal Democrats. Since the Liberal Democratic Party (Liberal Democratic Party) has maintained the first party in the House of Representatives until now, with the exception of some times since its establishment in November 1955, according to the Japanese custom in which the leader or representative of the first party serves as the prime minister, most of the successive LDP presidents During his tenure, he also served as Prime Minister. For this reason, both are collectively called "Prime Minister (総理総裁)", but in the media and other media, the titles corresponding to the Prime Minister such as "Prime Minister (総理大臣)" and "Prime Minister (首相)" are mostly called. and "Governor (総裁)" is used in election-related programs appearing as "LDP's president" or news related to the election of the LDP's president. Therefore, the title of governor has not been used frequently in the media for some period in the past, except when the LDP was the opposition party. In Japan, since the Liberal Democratic Party has been in power for a long time, as the head of the administration, the prime minister, and the head of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party are both held concurrently by one person, power is concentrated in one place, and the ruling party is responsible for the situation of the prime minister. As various problems occurred, such as failing to correct it and falling into a "golden flag", the "separation theory of the prime minister and governor" (having different people in charge of the prime minister and governor) has been proposed several times in the past as a solution, but it has never been realized. The LDP's chief executive is the president, but when the president also serves as the prime minister, the secretary-general who assists the governor is in charge of most of the party's affairs.


In accordance with the rules of the Liberal Democratic Party, the governor is elected by holding the election for governor. According to Article 9 of the rules for election for governors, only members of the party are eligible to run for office. In principle, only party members, members of the Free National Assembly and members of the National Politics Association” participate in the election of the governor, but in the case of a vacancy during the term of office in Article 6, Paragraph 2 of the Rules, the election of the governor may be held in accordance with the official regulations due to an emergency. If it is not possible to hold a meeting, a new governor may be elected by voting by "all incumbent members and representatives of the provincial and provincial associations belonging to the general assembly of both houses (lower house, lower house) instead of the party congress". In some cases, a candidate for governor, determined by mediation, may be approved by the general meeting of both houses to become the new governor.


According to Article 80 (1) of the Liberal Democratic Party rules, the term of office of the president is three years. In addition, after 1974, a rule was added to “limited to two consecutive terms” for the term of office excluding the remaining term when the predecessor resigned during the term of office, but it was changed to “limited to three consecutive terms” in 2017. This regulation literally limits the term of office up to three terms in a “consecutive” period, but it is not a rule limiting the maximum number of elections, so it is possible for a governor to serve for three consecutive terms and then to resign and then skip the term and become governor again. Since the establishment of the LDP in 1955, the term of office of the president has changed several times, as follows. 1955-1972: 2 years 1972-1978: 3 years 1978-2003: 2 years 2003~present: 3 years


According to the rules of the Liberal Democratic Party, the powers of the governor are as follows: general rules As the party's chief executive, he represents the party and oversees the affairs of the party. greeting Appoint the Vice-Governor prior to approval at the party congress.

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