October 23, 2021

An artist is a person who creates works in the field of art and hobbies. At this time, the work does not necessarily have to be a work of literature, and if it is a work of literature, it is called an author, but in general, it is often referred to as a writer.


Most of the people included in the artist group are writers, but whether or not they are called ○○ writers by occupation or title depends on whether or not their own occupational name has already been established. In other words, in the field of traditional art, since the titles of poet, painter, composer, and director have been established, they are not called ○○ artists, but in new fields of art or hobbies, they are sometimes called ○○ writers, ○○ creators, and ○○ creators. However, there are cases where the word ○○ artist is also used in the field of traditional art. When it comes to just writing, it often refers to writers, especially novelists. However, the meaning of the profession of 'writer' is not clear.


poet novelist playwright (playwriter) Screenwriter (screenwriter) Contributor (columnist) broadcast writer camerist cartoonist

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