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May 29, 2022

José Manuel Ramos-Horta (Portuguese: José Manuel Ramos-Horta, [ʒu'zɛ 'ʁɐmuz 'oɾtɐ]), GCL, born 26 December 1949) is an East Timor-Leste politician and 2nd and 5th President of Timor-Leste. to be. In 1996 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize together with Carlos Philippe Simenes Belu.


He was a promoter and member of the East Timor Revolutionary Front (FRETILIN) and spokesperson for the East Timor resistance movement from 1975 to 1999, during the Indonesian occupation of East Timor. He withdrew in 1988 and is now a politician with the Timor Reconstruction National Congress (CNRT). After Timor-Leste gained independence in 2002, Hamus Horta became the first foreign minister and resigned on 25 July 2006. The following day, after the resignation of then-Prime Minister Marie Al-Kathiri, President Shanana Guzmand appointed him Prime Minister. He served as the 2nd Prime Minister of Timor-Leste from 10 July 2006 to 19 May 2007. He was elected in the 2007 East Timor presidential election by defeating candidate Francis Cu Guterres of the then East Timorese Revolutionary Front (FRETILIN). On February 11, 2008, an assassination attempt was attempted by the rebels' Major Alfredo Reynado, who was shot and killed on the spot. He lost third place in the 2012 East Timor presidential election and resigned on 20 May 2012. In the 2022 East Timor Presidential Election, he was re-elected after defeating then-President Francisco Guterres of the FRETILIN in Timor-Leste.

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