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October 18, 2021

James Peter Jimmy Greaves (MBE; 20 February 1940 - 19 September 2021) was an English footballer from Manor Park. His position is striker.

Club Experience

Having made his debut for Chelsea FC in 1957, Greaves quickly secured a position as a starting striker on his debut. At 17, he scored 22 goals in his debut season and 32 the following year, making him the top scorer. He immediately appeared for the national team, and in 1961 he scored a whopping 41 goals for Chelsea, becoming his second top scorer. This is the current record for Chelsea FC's most league goals, breaking 100 league goals at the age of 20 and 290 days. He played four seasons for Chelsea, scoring 124 goals in 157 appearances for Chelsea FC. He is one of seven players to have a record of over 100 goals for Chelsea FC. He moved to AC Milan in 1961. Greaves also scored nine goals in 12 appearances for AC Milan, this time with Tottenham Hotspur FC offering a hefty fee for Jimmy Greaves to return to the English league in 1962 during the season. Tottenham Hotspur FC paid £99,999 at the time, it is said that they offered this amount as a transfer fee to avoid being recorded as the first player to exceed £100,000. Greaves scored 21 goals in 22 appearances even though he moved during the season, and since the following year he has been the top scorer for three consecutive years with Tottenham, scoring 37, 35 and 29, respectively. It was Tottenham's first international championship trophy. Greaves also finished third in the 63 European Most Valuable Player poll. He scored 220 goals in nine seasons for Tottenham. Jimmy Greaves played for Tottenham Hotspur FC before moving to West Ham United in 1970, later in his playing career, after two more seasons before retiring from his career. He was named #6 on Goal.com's list of the 50 Best Footballers of All Time in England.

National Team Experience

Jimmy Greaves also participated in the World Cup held in the 1960s. At the 1962 World Cup, Greaves also scored a goal against Argentina, and the team advanced to the tournament, but lost to Brazil in the quarter-finals. And four years later, at the 1966 World Cup in England, Greaves could not play properly due to an injury, and in 1967, in his late 20s, retired from the national team at a relatively early age. For the 1966 World Cup, he was unable to play since the tournament due to injury.

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