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November 30, 2021

Masahiko Kondo (近藤真彦, born July 19, 1964) is a Japanese singer, actress and racer born in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. His agency is Janiz Office, and his nickname is Matchy. In October 1979, he made his debut as a student in the TBS drama, "3 Year B Jo Kinpachi Teacher (3 Year B 組 金八 先生)", and was active as a representative Japanese idol singer of the 1980s. Although he did not have any official activities or album releases in Korea, among his songs, Gingira Ginni Sarigenaku (ギ ン ギ ラ ギ ン に さ り げ な く) were pirated albums in Korea in the 1980s. It went on sale and became popular in Korea. He gained popularity mainly among teenagers, and in particular, Gin Gira Ginni Sarige Naku caused a craze to such an extent that few middle and high school students could not sing along.


Album List


(※ indicates the song that won the first place on Oricon) Sneaker Blues (December 12, 1980)※ Ranked 3rd for the year in 1981 (Oricon) Yokohama Teak (March 12, 1981) Lyricist: Ryu Matsumoto, Composer: Kyohei Tsutsumi Ranked 20th for the year in 1981 (Oricon) Blue Jeans Memory (June 12, 1981)※ 11th place in 1981 (Oricon) Gingira Ginni Saragenaku (September 30, 1981)※ Lyricist: Ayumi Date, Composer: Kyohei Tsutsumi Ranked 21st for the year 1981 (Oricon) 情熱☆熱wind☽せレナーで (January 7, 1982)※ Lyricist: Ayumi Date, Composer: Kyohei Tsutsumi Ranked 9th in 1982 (Oricon) Furarete BANZAI (March 31, 1982)※ Ranked 10th in 1982 (Oricon) Teen Boogie (June 30, 1982)※ Lyricist: Ryu Matsumoto, Composer: Tatsuro Yamashita Ranked 7th in 1982 (Oricon) Horedaze! Cheers (September 30, 1982)※ Ranked 26th in 1982 (Oricon) Midnight Station (January 20, 1983)※ Ranked 23rd in 1983 (Oricon) One Second in Midsummer (April 27, 1983)※ Ranked 29th in 1983 (Oricon) Dameiki Rokabiri (July 15, 1983)※ Royal Stress Flash (November 1, 1983)※ Ichibanyaro (First Class) (March 1, 1984)※ Gejimenasai (June 6, 1984)※ Lyricist: Masao Urino, Composer: Koji Makaino Ranked 26th in 1984 (Oricon) 永遠に秘密Sa (It's a secret forever) (September 13, 1984)※ Yo short! (February 13, 1985)※ Yumekizuna (June 5, 1985) Captain (October 21, 1985) Japan Music Awards 純情物語 (Pure Story) (February 26, 1986) Youth (July 4, 1986) Baby Rose (September 10, 1986) A song by Tetsuro Oda 愚か者 (orokamono, foolish person) (January 1, 1987) Lyricist: Ayumi Date, Composer: Takayuki Inoue, 29th Japan Records Grand Prize Winner Sasurai (June 11, 1987) Nakuitemiyaijan (September 18, 1987)※ Japan Music Awards Made in Japan (April 8, 1988) Oh, good (September 14, 1988) Lyricist: Kan-chan, Composer: Takuro Yoshida 夕焼けの歌 (Yuyake no Uta, Song of the Evening Sunset) (February 3, 1989) Lyricist: Akira Otsu, Composer: Makaino Koji Just For You (June 1, 1989) Iikagen (Iikagen, in moderation) (July 5, 1989)

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