May 29, 2022

The term Turk (Turkish: Türk milleti, English: Turkish people) refers to citizens of Turkey or to a Turkic-speaking ethnic group, and is usually used as a term to refer to a Turkic ethnic group.


Historically, the ancestors of the Turks were the Oghuz, a Turkic ethnic group of the Turanid race, a white race living in Central Asia. Empire), the Balkans and the Slavic countries of Europe, and in the process, the Ottoman Turks mixed with the locals, forming today's Turks.

Distribution of Turks

Turkey (most) Germany Bulgaria Netherlands france Republic of Macedonia Greece Cyprus (Northern Cyprus) Romania russia USA uk

Country of Turks

Seljuk Empire (1037–1194) Sultanate of Rum (1077–1307) Ottoman Empire (1299–1923) Turkey (1923–present)


Almost all Turks speak Turkish. There are also Kurdish-speaking Turks in eastern Turkey along with Kurds. In the southeastern part of the Syrian border, there are also occasional Arabic-speaking Turks.


98% of Turks are Sunni Muslims, and some are Shia. The remaining 2% are Protestants.

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