May 29, 2022

Twitter (English: Twitter) is a social networking service and microblogging service.


Early stage of business

The founders of Twitter are Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, Evan Williams (CEO) and Noah Glass. Twitter began as a research and development project devised by Evan Williams and Noah Glass of Odeo, Inc., a podcast startup based in the San Francisco area, USA. Jack Dorsey devised a way to communicate with small groups via SMS. The first project codename was twttr. It was because the domain was already in use at the time, but I bought the domain 6 months later and changed the service name to Twitter. Twitter was developed using Ruby on Rails. started In April 2007, it was separated from Odeo to have its own company under the name Twitter, Inc. In 2007, it won the South by Southwest Festival's Web Award for blogging. Co-founder Jack Dorsey said in his acceptance speech, "Let me tell you about the award in less than 140 characters. We did it!" As the number of users grows, Twitter is running into a number of problems.

South Korea

On January 18, 2011, Twitter started the official Korean service. As the Korean service was officially launched, Twitter Customer Support (@dowumi), Twitter Korea (@twitter_kr) and Twitter Popular Tweets (@toptweets_ko) were added.



A “tweet” can be transmitted through a short message service (SMS), instant messenger, e-mail, or the like. A tweet is a unit equivalent to one article, and the limit is 140 characters. SMS in the United States is limited to 160 characters, and the remaining 20 characters are space for user ID input. In either Korean or English, you can upload 140 characters at a time, including spaces and symbols. Tweets sent in this way appear on the user's profile page and are also forwarded to other users. As a transmission method, RSS (receive only), dedicated clients, TweetDeck, Tweetie, Twitterrific, Echofon, and feederizer are used variously. Tweet updates appear on the user's profile page and are immediately forwarded to other users who follow the user. Users who send Tweets can control which of their friends the Tweet is sent to by simply changing an initial setting. You may receive Tweet updates via the Twitter website, instant message, SMS, RSS, e-mail, or any application. As for the SMS function, there are currently three gateway numbers. There is a Short Code for the US and Canada and a UK number for international users. Users can also post and receive updates via e-mail through third-party vendors. In Korea, only LG U+ customers can write and send a message to #1234. Twitter list can create 20 lists per person, and 500 people can be put on one list.


It supports multiple languages, including English, and allows users from all over the world to communicate or make friends with short texts, regardless of region. Because the number of users is large and the story is told in a manner similar to real-time conversation, a story started by someone can quickly spread and become a global issue.